Explore our Decking Portfolio. The grooved boards are 12, 16, and 20 feet in length, whereas the square-shoulder boards only available in 16 and 20 feet. Size of the deck and deck railing can also increase prices, further down in our article you can see our Azek deck pricing tables, where you will be able see the more individual costs for your home deck. Most deck contractors charge $3.50 to $5.50 per square foot for a deck with a pressure-treated substructure. Harvest: Only comes in a Standard width, and both groove boards and square-shoulder boards are available in 12, 16, and 20 feet in length. As a whole, customers are pleased with using Azek, sharing how their decks still look new a year later–by which time cheap wood might start to appear weathered. These are TimberTech’s composite decking brands. Azek is a premium brand through TimberTech, which means it does not use the Good-Better-Best tiered quality options common with other leading brands. The “sweet spot” is to find an experienced deck contractor with fair pricing and a track record of quality craftsmanship and responsiveness to customer concerns. Global Sales: TimberTech decking is sold in more than 55 countries around the world. 30-year Structural warranty. To that end, AZEK/TimberTech opened its own plastics recycling plant in 2019 with expected output of 55 million pounds of recycled plastic. AZEK is pure PVC. Features: Capped on all side with tough polymer to resist moisture. If you do sell your home at some future point, a good-looking TimberTech Azek deck will certainly be a selling point. Capped polymer is made to be long-lasting, and therefore resistant to staining, fading, scratching, and denting. When it comes to a head to head price comparison, Trex wins this matchup of Trex vs Azek. Azek has three specific decking styles to choose from: Vintage, Arbor, and Harvest. See this link on how Azek PVC compares with wood and wood composite. TimberTech Pro … (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Welcome to the Deck Cost Guide, your source for deck ideas and information that will help you select the right deck material and deck brand to complete your deck. Board Profiles: The two profiles are full and scalloped. 25-year residential and 10-year Structural warranty. Find TimberTech PRO Terrain composite deck boards at Lowe's today. We’ve reviewed TimberTech AZEK all-PVC decking in a separate guide. It’s comprised of 100% synthetic … Deck Layout, Deck Size and deck railing, we also include a more a detailed TimberTech deck prices tables further down in this article, which will show the break down of the more individual costs for your deck. TimberTech Pro decking is capped on all four sides for better moisture protection. Our TimberTech AZEK Deck Cost guide provides a thorough and concise guide to the Prices & Costs for TimberTech AZEK decking ranges, with an overview of the brand and their history. Explore our Decking Portfolio. Features: Capped on three sides with a 100% synthetic, waterproof layer. TimberTech AZEK Vintage 1/2 in. This is where we put complete TimberTech deck estimates together for the materials and the labor. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. From looking sat the prices listed above, Timbertech … Whether your deck will have rails and stairs must be considered. For that reason, plus richer texturing and color variegation in some lines, makes the cost higher than TimberTech Edge. The terrain and other site factors affect cost. TimberTech Decking Prices: Sample 500 Square Foot Decks, How to Get the Best Price on a TimberTech Deck, Related Decking Cost Comparisons by Brand, TimberTech AZEK Decking Installation Cost & Price Guide, Trex Decking Installation Cost & Price Guide, MoistureShield Decking Installation Cost & Price Guide, Wolf Decking Installation Cost & Price Guide, Wood vs Composite Decking Comparison Guide, Pool Deck Installation Cost & Price Guide, Whether the deck has rails and stairs – which can increase total cost as much as 40%. TimberTech: TimberTech: TimberTech: TimberTech: Name: AZEK Harvest 1 in. The cap is a layer of dense, very tough resin material that resists wear, scratches, gouges and moisture penetration. This guide covers Edge and Pro, which are wood composite decking in “basic and better” grades. TimberTech® AZEK® Decking boasts a natural wood grain visual through proprietary technology and premium design. The TimberTech AZEK Vintage Narrow Width 16-ft Coastline PVC Deck Board has a similar price per square foot of $12.47 — $58.24 for 4.67 square feet. Composite boards capped on all 4 sides with Mold Guard Technology ; Earthy, traditional, and timeless hues with a rugged wood grain pattern ... Local store prices … Do not settle on the cheapest bidder without first looking into the company’s quality of work. x 5.5 in. Most suppliers will offer off season discounts. Azek … Standard width decking boards are available in both grooved boards and square-shoulder boards. The sheen is also different between the two -- AZEK … Squared shoulder planks are produced in 16’ and 20’ lengths. This is not the case. The 2” Trex Transcend boards are comparable with TimberTech AZEK in terms of price, but the rest of the collections are cheaper. For optimal cleaning, Azek recommends using a hose or power washer with its TimberTech DeckCleaner and a stiff, natural fiber brush. Due to the easy maintenance, a composite or plastic decking can also last for a long time. The average cost of an installed AZEK deck ranges from $8,750 to $16,500 +, these prices vary depending on the type of deck size, deck design and decking material, also where you live in the U.S can also affect the prices. These are just decking board costs. One brand, three ways to Go Against the Grain.® Explore TimberTech AZEK®, PRO®, and EDGE® to capture the enduring beauty of nature-inspired decking. Q: Are TimberTech and AZEK the same company? Accessories: 12”x12’ deck fascia and 7.25”x12’ stair risers are available in both lines. Above: Pro Legacy Collection - Tigerwood achieves the looks of real wood with non-solid color and a difference between one board and the next. Pro is capped on all four sides. You might also benefit from our Trex Decking Cost Review and a review of Fiberon Decking Costs too. Colors: There are three collections in the Pro decking. Can be used to easily refinish a rooftop deck, old patio, or other flat outdoor surface. We read that to mean AZEK/TimberTech replace genuine wood materials, as far as decking is concerned, with decking made from recycled wood and resins or from recycled PVC plastic. Board Profiles: Both TimberTech Edge Prime and Premier boards are 5.36 inches wide. For more on the warranty and maintenance, see “Deck Styles” and “Azek Decking Line” below. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Azek Decking Prices: Sample 500 Square Foot Decks. Below, we will discuss about TimberTech vs Azek, two popular choices that people usually consider when looking for a composite or plastic decking. Our costs are higher than some of theirs because we factor in difficult installation issues. Make the best choice for your home. TimberTech PRO Terrain Composite Decking Board. PVC decking can vary in pricing depending on the square footage required. Edge Prime is the most affordable TimberTech decking. ... Local store prices … This is the most affordable TimberTech decking. TimberTech Pro vs. Azek Decking. For more on Azek deck maintenance, refer to this site. Custom Options Available . Below is a list of the current deck color options available for each Azek Deck style (subject to change): (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});. x 12 ft. PVC Fascia Decking Board (4) Starting at $ 105 41. Options: Azek, now that it is conjoined with TimberTech, consists of more decking styles, colors, and designs, “all to help you create the most amazing outdoor living space.” With its available resources and decking feature packages, Azek is among the top decking brands on the market. x 5.5 in. Backed by the Best Warranties We believe a … TimberTech PRO Terrain 1/2 in. In the case that you plan on having your deck professionally installed, here are a few helpful tips for achieving the most affordable price: Adding a deck to the house will increase the value of the house, presuming the deck is properly cared for. All three are comprised of capped polymer (recycled polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, which is a plastic that has the appearance of wood) with various grain options to offer a unique look for a homeowner’s choice deck. Why TimberTech … A: Yes, but that wasn’t always the case. Learn about each company you’re considering. The cleaner should be used for spot cleaning, being thoroughly rinsed from each area before moving onto the next. TimberTech is an AZEK Company brand. The low bid might not be the best bid to take, because it might not meet these criteria. There are several factors … Shop composite deck boards and a variety of building supplies products online at Lowes.com. Warranties: 30-year Fade & Stain warranty. x 5.36 in. AZEK is a PVC product and will have a different feel and look to it then Trex, which is a capped composite. Depending on the nuances for your deck project, here are some additional cost factors to consider: For homeowner’s convenience, TimberTech Azek also provides this decking calculator to determine the total cost for any and all unique deck choices. When it comes to durability, each of these four companies have impressive warranties: Trex, Fiberon and TimberTech offer 25-years and AZEK comes in with a whopping 50-year warranty. The average cost of an installed AZEK deck ranges from $8,750 to $16,500 +, these prices … The company claims that 1 million+ trees have been saved through using recycled rather than virgin wood. For customer satisfaction, Azek also pledges a 50-year fade and stain warranty. Prices vary based on the model Trex or Azek you buy and where and when you buy it. This section does not address labor cost to build a deck when hiring a contractor or handyman service. Trex decking cost per square foot To … Since teaming up with TimberTech in 2013, AZEK Building … Choosing the right decking is never an easy task. *To determine deck board cost per square foot, multiply the width times the length and divide by 144 to get the number of square feet in the board. Homeowners are assured foot safety (Azek’s materials cannot splinter), a limited lifetime warranty, and easy deck maintenance. Our wood composite TimberTech PRO and EDGE products use up to 80% recycled material, while our TimberTech AZEK products use up to 50% recycled PVC. TimberTech decking is on the short list for most homeowners as they consider composite decking brands for their outdoor living project. Use AZEK Building Products and participate in the program and you’ll: Receive valuable PRO Reward Points — redeem them as soon as your invoices are approved. What reduces cost is that it is capped on three sides – top and both sides, but not on the bottom of each plank. The Materials Perhaps the biggest difference between TimberTech and Azek … If the homeowner has the space and desire, building a deck can be in the homeowner’s best interest. Welcome to the Deck Cost Guide, your source for deck ideas and information that will help you select the right deck material and deck brand to complete your deck. It is also satisfactory in hot weather, as it dissipates the heat faster than wood or capped composite decking. Warranty: 25-year Fade & Stain warranty. Achieving the Best Price for TimberTech AZEK Decks, Related Decking Cost Comparisons by Brand, TimberTech Decking Installation Cost & Price Guide, MoistureShield Decking Installation Cost & Price Guide, Wolf Decking Installation Cost & Price Guide, Wood vs Composite Decking Comparison Guide, Pool Deck Installation Cost & Price Guide. TimberTech is now part of CPG building products which also owns Azek. TimberTech-Azek RadianceRail 5″ Post Skirt $ 12.75 – $ 15.00 Select options Quick View; TopLoc® Stainless 2-1/2″ Screws for Azek® and TimberTech® Decking $ 93.75 – $ 268.00 Select options Quick View; TimberTech® TopLoc® Fascia Drill Bit $ 15.50 Add to cart Quick View; TimberTech-Azek … As noted, from a price standpoint, these are Basic and Better lines, AZEK being the most expensive line. … Legacy Collection Decking\\\\nPreserving the beauty of hand-crafted hardwood flooring; experience your deck in a whole new way. Headquartered in Chicago, AZEK calls itself, “an industry leader of premium building products that replace traditional materials and provide value through lower maintenance, refined aesthetics and reduced total cost.”. With predicted … x 5.36 in. x 1 ft. Silver Maple Composite Deck Board Sample: Price $ You’ll find information about deck labor costs in the Sample Projects below. Here are Azek deck costs for sample jobs with and without deck railings. TimberTech PRO Reserve Collection\\\\nTimbertech Pro Reserve Collection Decking brings the beauty of reclaimed wood to composite decking. One brand, three ways to Go Against the Grain.® Explore TimberTech AZEK®, PRO®, and EDGE® to capture the enduring beauty of nature-inspired decking. If you spend $20,000 on an Azek deck, you can expect the project to increase your home’s potential sale price by about $13,900. TimberTech vs Trex – Materials and Capping ... but a realistic price range for our area is $12,000-$15,000 for an average 300 sq ft composite deck project. Capped? TimberTech-Azek pavers are a recycled rubber paver grid system, that is easily transported and installed. Note: As you shop or search for TimberTech Pro decking, you might see them marketed as the Terrain Collection by TimberTech, Tropical Collection by TimberTech and the Legacy Collection by TimberTech. For commercial use, there is a 10-year Structural warranty. Read online reviews, for example, or check their standing with the Better Business Bureau. TimberTech vs AZEK: The Leading Manufacturers of Low Maintenance, PVC, and Composite Decking A popular and fast growing trend in the outdoor living world is low maintenance … Cost is higher than for pressure-treated deck material but not as expensive as exotic woods like ipe or teak. See Total Project Costs below for full Azek deck costs. The lines are discussed here. Good Timbertech decking products can add beauty and functionality to any home or commercial building. Arbor: This style only comes in Standard width. They also allow for the use of concealed fasteners. TimberTech Edge is available in two lines: Prime and Premier. The below table covers a basic cost overview of the TimberTech deck products for the various budget ranges, other items can also alter the cost of your deck e.g. ft. for all available sizes. Wrapped on all four sides, Timbertech Pro Reserve deck … We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By Clicking "Get Free Estimates" you agree with. Which line is better, Fiberon vs TimberTech? TimberTech Edge fascia and risers are typically used with Pro decking. Accessories: Several fastening options including concealed fasteners. ft, Azek’s Arbor style ranges from $11.00 and $13.00 per sq. When discussing material costs for your deck, there is more to consider than just the price of the decking boards. The most recent national Cost to Value survey from Remodeling Magazine pegs the ROI of a composite deck at 69%. Price per board: $43 Trex Enhance Length: 16 feet Price per board: $47 Trex Transcend Length: 16 feet Price per board: $68 * Price estimation source:thedeckstoreonline.com. The TimberTech Pro … The chart shows installed deck costs, so pricing includes materials, deck installation supplies and labor costs. However, a word for the wise: while a deck does add value to the house, some may think that a deck addition just prior to selling the house will mean more profit on the sale. AZEK is a 100% plastic (PVC) board while Timbertech is a composite board made from recycled … Pro Tip: If price is a deciding factor for you when choosing a brand try to plan ahead and buy your decking in winter. These synthetic decking and railing products can resist warping, mildew and insects. x 12 in. The lowest quote may be tempting, but it could mean that the quality of the deck is lacking. Because of customer satisfaction and how easy it is to work with the material, even deck contractors express their appreciation Azek’s PVC. Of course, fasteners and other supplies like concrete for securing posts, if needed, must be included. Recycled Content: TimberTech says that its products contain “up to 95% recycled content” with the goal of changing “up to” to “at least” in the next few years. Receive customizable marketing materials and dedicated marketing support; Get priority ranking on our PRO locators on AZEK.com and TimberTech… The three collections within the Pro line are available in a total of 16 different colors. And let your builder make the purchase as long as their willing to pass the savings on to you. This is a basic cost overview of the Azek deck products for your budget ranges, various other things can also change the cost e.g. So, build a deck for your enjoyment. They are a cost-effective option when it comes to any outdoor decking project. This is the better of the two wood composite lines. Azek decking price is also above average. Recycled material: Azek has set out to replace the traditional deck materials, such as wood and metal, with a sturdy synthetic plastic that is more environmentally friendly. TimberTech/AZEK Railing TimberTech by AZEK Building Products is one of the leading manufacturers of composite decking material in the world. ... we are proud to partner with Trex as a Certified Trex Pro … TimberTech offers a deck cost calculator on its site. Price ranges from slightly less than AZEK to about the same, depending on the line. It is crucial to have the top and sides capped, for obvious reasons. They were two separate entities until 2012 when AZEK’s parent company, CPG International, acquired TimberTech. TimberTech production facilities are also re-fitted to more efficiently use electricity, heat, air conditioning and water. Edge Premier is a slightly higher grade of TimberTech Edge composite decking. But with an honest comparison of low end, mid grade and premium decking samples taken from both brands. x 1 ft. Coastline PVC Deck Board Sample: PRO Legacy 1 in. With the AZEK lineup, you will find planks with 54% recycled content while the TimberTech EDGE and PRO collections contain 80%. x 12 ft. Composite Fascia Decking Board (1) Model# 554259. Then divide board cost by square feet. Maintenance: PVC is relatively low maintenance, only requiring a periodic cleaning to retain the original beauty of the deck. You can expect to pay between $40 to $120 for 20-foot boards from Trex while TimberTech averages out at $50 - $120, so there’s around $15-20 difference in price … Price ranges from slightly less than AZEK to about the same, depending on the line. Uses TimberTech decking is used for standard deck construction, above ground pool decks, gazebos and similar projects, TimberTech Decks can also be referenced or known as “Tech Decks“. A pricing table for comparison is below. If you’re going to hire pros for the work, it’s always good to get three or more estimates from deck contractors that know they’re competing. x 11 3/4 in. Contractors often recommend it to because it beautifully mimics the rich texture of wood, offers durable quality and is backed by very good warranties. There are many different lines of products and models to choose from. Both products are “capped”, … The scalloped or grooved boards are slightly lighter and easier to work with. Vintage: Narrow and Wide widths are only available in square-shoulder boards, which are made 12, 16, and 20 feet long. Better TimberTech Decking: Pro This is the better of the two wood composite lines. Timbertech vs. AZEK If comparing price only, AZEK boards will run you about 20% more than Timbertech. You’ll lose money if you sell the house immediately. Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price… x 1 ft. Kona PVC Deck Board Sample: AZEK Vintage 1 in. Make sure the deck contractors you talk with are licensed and insured for your protection. Our TimberTech AZEK Deck Cost guide provides a thorough and concise guide to the Prices & Costs for TimberTech AZEK decking ranges, with an overview of the brand and their history. All its lines are considered in the “Best” category – and with the quality comes the higher cost of Azek decking. Grooved planks are available in 12’, 16’ and 20’ lengths. x 1 ft. Tigerwood Composite Deck Board Sample: PRO Terrain 1 in. Leaving the bottom of the planks uncapped saves cost while having only a slight impact on durability. TimberTech AZEK Decking is the ideal material to use around water because it’s capped polymer decking, making it resistant to rot and decay caused by moisture. The cap also easily repels stains, since it is plastic and non-absorbent. Starting at $ 65 02. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. See timbertech decking prices … By Clicking "Get Free Estimates" you agree with, Azek’s Vintage styles ranges from $11.40 and $14.00 per sq. The groove boards are made 12, 16, and 20 feet long, and the square-shoulder boards are available in 16 and 20 feet in length. Harvest Collection boards are monochromatic and boast a painted wood look. Those boards are attached to a deck frame that is typically made of pressure-treated lumber. In this case, the cheap price will feel nice at first, but the deck may not look up to your standards, and it may cost you more in the long run due to unforeseen issues. Azek has two board options—grooved boards and square-shoulder boards—and three board widths to choose from: All deck boards are a standard 1 inch thick, and are available in different lengths and widths, depending on the decking board style. The company makes three lines: TimberTech Pro, TimberTech Edge and TimberTech AZEK. ... Timbertech Azek … AZEK is considered, at least in terms of cost, as TimberTech’s best decking. Now that we’ve looked at the basics of composite and PVC decking products, we can take a closer look at Timbertech Pro vs. Azek decking. They do not include the pressure-treated substructure, fasteners and other installation materials or rails and stairs, if included. Why TimberTech … Extend your indoor style and personality to your outdoor living experience. AZEK will be much lighter in weight and feel slightly different under your feet. Make the best choice for your home. As a brand, Azek Decking is now connected to TimberTech, which, the company boasts, has changed the direction of Azek to be “even more customer-focused” than before. ft, Azek’s Harvest style average cost of $9.00 to $12.25 per sq.

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