Check out how we're producing the 1st pre-production parts. Work on the smaller 777-8 is frozen for now. The 777X is a new family of planes: there are two models and one of them is one of the largest planes in the world. Commercial Services. ✈️ #777X #777 #avgeek #boeing, #777x #boeing #aviation #BCA, Can't wait to see it Fly♥️ Largest engines built for twin engine aircraft. #Boeing #avgeek, 3, 2, 1...décollage! Boeing Announces Big Win For 777X With $18.6 Billion., Peter Altmaier, Germany's economy minister, checking out the @BoeingAirplanes #777X, here at #ILA2018 in Berlin. #Boeing #aviation #airplane #avgeek #777X #manufacturing #mondaymotivation Check out the images: #PaxEx #777X #Lufthansa, The World's Largest Jet Engine Is Getting Ready to Fly, The GE9X will take to the skies on a Boeing 747-400 flying testbed later this year, Lufthansa to launch business class cabin on its Boeing 777-9s. Tags: #GE9X #B77W #b777xlovers #boeing777lovers #B777X #planespotting #aviationpic #b777x, Some more Pictures of #777x Can you Describe the 777x in one Emoji in the Comments! The first #777X flight test airplane is about to get painted. GE Aviation has developed a new testing philosophy and process specifically for the GE9X engine. It has been reported that the 777-8 could serve the "holy grail" of routes, between Sydney and London, carrying fewer passengers (280) and heading west with favourable winds. In tandem with the development of the third generation Boeing 777X, Boeing worked with General Electric to offer a 2% improvement in fuel efficiency to in-production 777-300ER aircraft. The new aircraft is a more fuel-efficient variant of the traditional 777 while also carrying more passengers thus making it the ideal replacement for not only older 777’s but also the Boeing 747. It’s a lock, and it’s not a matter of if, but it’s a matter of when. Three years before the first #Boeing 777-300ER delivery, it had 69 orders. Designed specifically Learn more:, "Hello, World." With 12%fuel efficiency and 10% lower operating costs compared to the A350-1000, the #777x is going to be the leader in the Long haul twin engine market. Three of the four 777-9 development aircraft are prepared for further flight testing at Boeing Field. Boeing announced today the completion of the firm configuration milestone for the 777-9, the first member of the 777X family to be developed. However, the 777X’s outlook is problematic, and Boeing has already reacted. Emirates currently has a total of 126 Boeing 777Xs on order which include 101 Boeing 777-9s and 25 Boeing 777-8s. Emirates will now be waiting ever longer for its new Boeing 777X flagship, with the airline indicating that 2023 is the new delivery date for Boeing's much- delayed jetliner.. With new breakthroughs in aerodynamics and engines, the 777X will deliver 10 percent lower fuel use and emissions and 10 percent lower operating costs than the competition. Acompanhe no vídeo. 767. Test pilots bull and grouch fly near the st. The engine that will power our #777X just began certification testing. Learn more . #777X first flight is delayed for tbd time as GE works through development challenges., Lufthansa Quietly Reveals New Boeing #777X #PremiumEconomy Seat UPDATE (Thursday, Jan. 23): Boeing delays first 777X flight. My excuse me whilst I drool #avgeek #777x, The world's longest passenger plane is here. 747-8. Subscribe to the. @Regranned from @popularmechanics - The GE9X, the biggest aircraft engine in the world (fan diameter: 11' 2" nacelle diameter: 14' 6") was recently mounted on GE's 747-400 flying testbed to begin flight tests before the end of the year. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ fan optimized for the 777X. Opus99. #777X #boeing #airplanereveal @teague @boeing #merica #americanmade, #777X first flight plane...., #boeing #777x #newairplane #BCA #Boeingcommercial, It’s everything I ever imagined it would be... simply amazing ❤️ Boeing's innovation in the flight deck continues, with the introduction of touchscreens in the 777X forward displays; a first in the air transport industry. The wing trim and drill tool is ... Construction on the 1.3 million-square-foot (121,000-square-meter) building continues, as it will for the next 18 months, with the roll-in of new tools and equipment. #aviation #AvGeek #fly #planespotter #bigplanes #boeing, Check out @BoeingAirplanes first completed new #777X! ⤵️ Read more below. . Overhead bins on the #777X are larger, providing more room for your carry-on. Project phase is in full swing and we are full of #anticipation. Next-Generation 737. Pilot comfort is a big deal to us. Check out more of the 777X journey here:, Have a look at this beauty I worked for a supplier to Boeing for the 787. Despite this unpredictable scenario, Boeing continues to develop the 777X., Lufthansa Promises #777x Products will Surprise you, The perfect angle to highlight the immense size of the GE9X engines on the #777X, I AM SO EXCITED! What makes Boeing the widebody leader? Engine so large, the fuselage of the 737 can fit through the center without touching!!! Double vision! For 50 years, Boeing has built iconic aircraft under one gigantic roof at a site just north of Seattle. US aircraft manufacturer Boeing has taken the wraps off its long awaited 777X, the world's longest passenger jetliner. You. #flyexclusivetravel #staralliance #lufthansa #boeing #777x #travelinstyle, Le moteur #GE9X du futur #777X est aussi grand que le fuselage d'un 737! Boeing's new long-haul 777X airliner made its first flight on Saturday, a step forward for the company whose broader prospects remain clouded by the 737 MAX crisis. #777X #cheesing #Boeing, Boeing’s Machinists and robots start production on first 777X. Boeing is preparing to delay their 777X by up to a year, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to severely disrupt long-haul travel. #777X, #777X love this beauty, #777x #workfamily #science #engineering #stem #design, @sorola I just got my first look at the #boeing #777X, I'm not saying the #777X has big engines, but..., Swiggity swooty! Helping out at the very first 777x debut!!, Exciting day here at @Boeing as the #777X starts production. #MEBAAShow2018 #BoeingMiddleEast ✈ Not only is the aircraft MUCH more in line with what customers can actually utilise due to its versatility and efficiency . ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Whats boeings latest innovation. Tags: #GE9X #B77W #b777xlovers #777X #boeing777lovers #B777X #planespotting #aviationlovers #aviationphotography #aviationpictures #aviationpic #aviationphoto #b777x, How many gallons of paint go on a brand new #777X jetliner from Boeing ?The jet maker's veteran painters reveal that and more about their painting process for #Avgeeks :, Getting a closer look today as production begins on the new #Boeing #777X #komonews, This afternoon, @BoeingAirplanes will celebrate the start of #777X production at PAE in Everett. In exactly a week (March 13), our first @BoeingAirplanes #777X flight test airplane will officially debut to the world! The 777X has a new longer composite wing with folding wingtips. The Boeing 777X is due to fly his month. document.write('
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