My classmates were amazing. There is little if any equivalence between a disrupted commute and a serious, week-long disruption to an already short-term course. At President Snyder’s very lukewarm Q&A session (I attended the first one that happened at noon) she vaguely alluded to the money involved. Your trusted source for local Western Cape news! With respect to this:”If students and faculty are too ignorant (or selfish) to understand these points, then they should not be students or faculty members at CWRU.”, This rhetoric is giving off the same stale stench as many xenophobic and backward comments do: “If you don’t like it here (i.e. “Case Western Reserve—along with other area colleges and universities—agreed to house the officers at the city’s request. The University IS a business. This is a police totalitarian state, plain and simple. He should have stopped there. It is interesting that the administration has decided to keep the campus community safe by bringing thousands of guns onto campus. Small correction – personal firearms are being kept in the rooms, secured and separate from ammunition. When the university realized that this might not be the wisest thing for an institution of higher learning to do, they opted for the solution I’m sure any of us would choose. I bet not. The Malek Fahd Islamic School, in … I work at Key Tower. After Dallas, one misguided person can put us all in peril. As a student living on campus myself, I did not feel that the university was forcing me out of my dorm with their manner of communication. So where is the City supposed to house those additional 700 officers? As for CWRU, they should have had the honesty to be honest. A university is not a business. Last time I checked, this was a democratic cornerstone and as such often praised to be quintessentially “American”. It means disrupting the education of bright, energetic young minds in order to offer our supply of housing to help meet the city’s demand for a convenient base of operations. A business might behave this way, but a university? I guess we all need to revisit the Quartering Act. If this were a good instructor, perhaps the point in all this she would send to her students is how they should all take notice in how the American electoral process works. Students are offered alternative housing if they feel uncomfortable living near that many cops. These body-armored, face-shielded, overtime-paid “mercenaries” will be champing at the bit to wield a baton and spray their pepper. This author is a real piece of shit. And might I add, by effectively giving all the employees (staff, at least) 4 days paid vacation they’re likely to lose quite a lot of money at this point. The terms “riot police” and “paramilitary” are grossly inaccurate to the point of being irresponsible. Using CWRU dorms to house outside law enforcement coming to Cleveland to help protect us and all visitors during the RNC was decided months ago. Who would trust you, let alone read your rant thoughtfully when the childish bias is so overt? "Amid our shock and grief, we also recognize that our city soon will host the Republican National Convention, an event that is expected to draw dozens of protests--and could see a significant degree of conflict.". Just like classes aren’t being cancelled. Admittedly, students aren’t being forced out of their dorms. I’ve also heard that the city intends to reimburse the university for costs it will incur this week, but that the odds of turning a profit are very slim. What’s next, “I know you are but what I am I?”. The school closure is due in response to other liberal cry-babies whining that they won’t feel safe with police on campus. As for canceled classes regardless if case was housing people for the RNC or not they would still most likely be “canceling” clases due to the RNC beING in the city. Copyright 2012 - 2018 Belt Magazine | All Rights Reserved. AlumnusWithStraightFacts’ point stands. Improvise, adapt, and overcome if you’re intellectually smarter and figure out where to have class for a week for a handful of students. If you feel compelled to go downtown and make life unpleasant for everybody I hope that the least you experience causes you great pain and loss. Nearby hospitals, including the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals, are likewise preparing for the worst, keeping doctors on call and preparing for an extended emergency without access to outside aid and support. Case Western Reserve University has decided to cancel classes and other activities on campus during the Republican National Convention. The official announcement in The Daily buries its single mention of the 1,700 peace officers (riot police) who will be sleeping in campus dorms, referring nonchalantly to “police officers and other guests” but failing to acknowledge the sheer scale of the group being brought to campus. By bringing a massive security presence to campus, it’s turning the campus (and, really, the whole University Circle area) into a focal point for whatever chaos could ensue next week. He relayed this interesting stat… 800 active duty police officers are required to cover the City of Cleveland during normal circumstances. The financial details are shrouded in mystery, and what little information I could find suggests that the university donated the housing when the city came calling. Check it out. Please excuse typos, typing from my phone. We need to be reaching out and engaging our community, not bringing in a massive police presence that could very easily escalate tensions on campus and within University Circle and the surrounding area. President Donald Trump's plan to sue Pennsylvania in federal court to determine how the state conducts mail-in voting has been effectively shut down by a US district court judge. My other workday activities will also be negatively affected. The housing on the other-hand is a mixed can of worms. I find liberal college professors like the one who wrote this dribble to be elitist blow-hards who are completely out of touch with reality. open-and-shut case phrase. And even if they are permitted to carry inside the dorms, so what? This piece, which so emphatically puts the students and their education first (as it should be! ), makes me proud to be a part of the CWRU community. [/blocktext]I could complain, on behalf of my students, that this surprise closure is costing each of them $345 in wasted tuition money, per class. It establishes Snyder’s ethos as a good liberal, concerned not only with student safety but with the deeper aims of social justice. Even so, they still decided to reduce operations. Case Western Reserve University: the top-ranked private research university in Ohio and one of the best in the U.S. It’s a national convention that will have a US presidential candidate in attendance, do you really think what is happening next week is being controlled by the mayor of Cleveland or the CWRU president? If you’ve taught, you know the author is correct. A university is not a business. Thank you for your burdensome tuition bill, my students have been told. I will leave it to the reader to wonder what it means when President Snyder claims that the faculty were fully informed, a claim that is demonstrably untrue, even as she apologizes for poor communication. Now get off our lawn while more important people come to town. I read your post and felt it was written by someone upset about things. The option is there for those that wish to take it, but if a student wants to he or she doesn’t have to move at all. The professor should save his/her indignation for lawbreakers. You’re right about one thing. It’s 4 days of your life – get over yourself. Story July 20, 2016. Admittedly, students aren’t being forced out of their dorms. As a recent grad (2015) from Case, I currently live downtown. If you need a quick explainer, Hotze and Woodfill put out a video explaining why they think the order is unconstitutional. Staff: Faculty are encouraged not to come to their office. To use President Snyder’s words, I hope that they will rediscover what it means to be “part of this community.” Most of all, I hope that the example of CWRU’s failure will offer my students as much of an education as the one I’m trying to give them in the classroom we’ve been barred from using. Because I am a college teacher, about the only thing I can contribute in response to all this frustration and fear is to do what I know to do, which is write, open a discussion, and hope that people will pause and reflect on just what it is we are doing. How are effected students made whole in that situation? To be fair, Case hosts various groups every summer in the dorms. Ahh so ya feel like your civil rights are invaded? Also, the writer deliberately lies to her readers when making the patently false statement that firearms will be stored in the dorms. Our founding fathers were brilliant, they knew our Rights came from the Creator, NOT from man. What should scare everyone about you is your concern about police, the same police that protect your sorry azz about bringing guns in a dorm building, a then calling them paramilitary, really? My problem is with the sheer quantity, for starters, and with the way they are being used in the context of a university campus while classes are still in session. According to President Snyder and the official news release, the campus closure (“changes to campus operations” they call it) stems from a deep and abiding concern for student safety. In my view, it is not the leaders of the university who are at fault, rather the situation as a whole is unfortunate. The riot police? Tenants are included in this per Engblom v. Carey. “While we spoke widely about the decision” to bring these officers to campus, she notes, including “spring meetings at each School, at Faculty Senate…we did not communicate directly with students.” Fair enough. With all the recent acts of violence and given the thunderous controversy surrounding Trump which promises riots, the federal government has granted the city of Cleveland $50 million for security purposes, a first for such an action. As far as research being interrupted, any controversial research was going to be unofficially halted during the RNC before the recent drama arose. Thanks again for your note. Shared governance, I fear, is passé when the university can capitalize on a political convention by executive decree. If my students learn nothing else from this failure of university leadership, I hope it will be this: that they will understand how their education exceeds the artificial boundaries of brick and mortar buildings, of tuition payments, of majors, minors, and gen ed requirements, and of their own abstracted desire to capitalize on their investment in the form of a lucrative career. The latest case is a Darwin woman in her 50s who tested positive on … While I think it is valid to be mad about the author’s use of the obviously inflammatory term “stormtroopers” to describe them, riot police I think is fair. Here’s the issue. It IS the same thing. “The City and/or the Feds likely gave CWRU little choice over opening their dorms for this purpose” WTF? FedEx and UPS truck drivers do not live in their trucks. That is a reductive logic that would essentially label all institutions which operate using money as “businesses,” i.e., police and fire departments are businesses, churches are businesses, the Boy Scouts are a business, and so on. Just for clarification, because you obviously need it, domestic emeries means a tyrannically government, just like the lawless one we have (no charges for Hillary) now. A warrant officer at Athlone police station in Cape Town has tested positive for Covid-19, the first confirmed case of a police officer in the Western Cape. Nor is there any indoctrination. Watch Full Show. The majority of rapes and other violent crimes against students are committed by other students. As far as being a responsible member of the community, these “reduced operations” come with the closure of the dental clinic and Psychology Clinic, which are critical resources serving underprivileged members of the surrounding community. I just want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. How am I supposed to focus on my classes?”. So no, nobody is forcing the paying undergraduate out of their dorms. A university is not a business. The case was confirmed at … If the University is receiving any form of payment for housing the “peace officers” while still collecting tuition and housing payments from students for that same week, they are double dipping. You aren’t supposed to be here. That assertion makes no sense. I say this as a former big game hunter (for subsistence, not trophy) and a gun-owner who wholeheartedly believes in **RESPONSIBLE** gun ownership. I’d not worry -it’s assuredly not true that no choice was given. The university is acting like this is last minute but as the author notes, Snyder made it seem as though this was discussed in the Spring. You’re not the only people being inconvenienced in the City. Just a quick note you might also have wanted to point out the 4 week class session being interrupted by losing a 1/4 of its teaching time as well. She wrote that officials were planning to take additional steps to enhance campus safety during the convention. I’d imagine the period during which CWRU is housing police with weapons would represent the safest the campus could possibly be with the RNC going on. I want them to be safe and to receive the education they deserve. West Australian Premier Mark McGowan has rejected a call from some of the state's top doctors to effectively shut down interstate travel to and from WA in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Meanwhile, all faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates have been warned repeatedly that they should avoid campus during the week unless it is absolutely imperative that they be here. Not only does uprooting classes and students disrupt next week’s “educational experience;” it also distracts students from their studies this week, and it damages their faith in the university’s educational mission. The first case of coronavirus was just confirmed in western Pennsylvania. With the political and national security climate of the past couple weeks, naturally some students are concerned to live so close to peace officers. In Western Australia there have been 3788 tests conducted, leading to 14 positive cases. Have we forgotten when police were brought in campus to shoot and kill students? I personally am skipping town during the RNC. What was kent State? Gatherings were banned, schools and daycares closed, and nearly every business deemed “non-essential” shut down in a bid to slow the virus. Way to exemplify all the asinine vitriol we look forward to hosting downtown. I wonder if someone in Philadelphia will write a piece of crap like this when the DNC is held for Hillary Clinton. One of the complaints against King George III by the American colonialists was the forces quartering of British troops. Waaaaa your tuition? The blame belongs to would-be rioters. As a Cleveland native I hope that it will not come to that. They’re just being completely overhauled and compromised. the residents who live in close proximity) as higher priorities than whatever powerful political forces were working behind the scenes. When someone tries to harm you, who do you call? Furthermore, weapons of any kind are prohibited in campus buildings (Every dorm has this notice banning all weapons), a policy which has apparently been lifted. In bivouacs set up on Malls A, B, and C, Voinovich Park and the Hall of Fame Plaza? Closing the university sends the wrong message to the community about our commitment to peaceful coexistence with and tolerance of people holding dissenting views or conflicting concerns. None of this could have been predicted months ago. I saw it first hand. Respectfully, a concerned student and caller of bullshit. I hope it opens us all up for discussions and empathy for others. I honestly couldn’t care less that the RNC is being hosted here and I certainly am disgusted with Trump. They’re just being completely overhauled and compromised. The author updated this piece to clarify those misconceptions. Buildings: The library and Veale athletic and recreation center will be closed but the university center will remain open. I’m saying that the sudden influx of a massive police presence for a week radically transforms the climate of the campus.) Postal service employees cannot work from home FedEx and UPS truck drivers cannot work from home Servers and other personnel at local restaurants cannot work from home Retail cashiers and employees cannot work from home Cultural venues will be open and staff – employees cannot work from home Get it? Actually all universities are businesses. Case is NOT forcing students to move from their dorms; Case IS offering alternate housing for students who feel uncomfortable staying on campus during this time. They’re wonderful people, and I care about them. They have the option to stay. As for classroom work suggested to move to online spaces, not all students at CWRU have internet access at home, and/or access to personal computers. You know there are people coming to Cleveland to misbehave. We were given significant notice that our dorms would be used to house the out of town police coming in to help with matters that the convention would disrupt, such as security at the Q and traffic direction. PHYSIOLOGY & BIOPHYSICS Campus Location: Robbins Building, E527 2210 Circle Dr. Cleveland, Ohio 44106. We should not be obliged to do jack for the local or federal government! We apologize for your inconvenience. So instead of being a bunch of babies (yes I went there) grow up, deal with it and move on. Until that time, ARNG units and personnel fall under the command of each state’s government. Yes? They decided to take a break, for one week only, from being an institution of higher learning. But if so, I’m sure the writer will have the decency to sign it. Terrible things happened and a lot of students got needlessly hurt. Perhaps you should read the definition of business. The directive given the incoming officers was that they are NOT to bring their weapons into the dorms. I am going to write the editors with some corrections to the article in order to account for this. More Twelve days later, on February 4, the newly confirmed cases in Wuhan reached their peak and declined from there. Imagine my surprise, then, when I learned that not only would CWRU be housing approximately 1,700 riot police in student dormitories during the Republican National Convention, that not only would those police be permitted to store their weapons in student dormitories, and that not only would widespread student opposition to this decision be placated with two milquetoast Q&A sessions – “opportunities to learn,” President Barbara Snyder called them – but that my colleagues and I, with only one week’s notice, would be expected to cancel a week of summer classes in order to accommodate the quartering of the paramilitary force descending on Cleveland to police the city during the convention. The author brings up many salient points that explain why members of the university, whether they be students, grad students, faculty and/or staff would be troubled by this and disappointed with the Universities response. Updated at 10:47 p.m. On Monday night CWRU posted an online notice titled "Changes to campus operations during RNC. And not worth it either, since the Republican party is a shitbox right now. Guns are inanimate objects and don’t shoot people, people shoot people. Within two weeks, practically the entire Canadian economy was locked down. This discussion thread was locked as off-topic by Amimnoch (a host of the Latest Breaking News forum). Actually, a university such as CWRU is unequivocally not a business, which seems to me a fundamental point the author is trying to make. Can we actually presume that asking faculty to reboot one eighth of their entire class, during week seven of an eight week term and with less than one week of notice, will lead to a positive learning experience for our students? What does open-and-shut case expression mean? This is ridiculous first of all no one is being forced t leave their dorms they have to option to if they feel uncomfortable which is up to their own discretion. In rereading this essay (written over two drafts in the middle of the night while I lay awake worrying about my students) I realize that I didn’t make the specifics of the housing situation as clear as I should. (think PETA) The police are here, and there is nothing wrong with them staying in EMPTY dorm rooms to help PROTECT our city and citizens. It’s in a dictionary. Considering how Republicans are always bringing up the Constitution, I would have thought they would have had this memorized. And I still think Case has wonderful students that go on to do tremendous things. Your response is what is scary about this scenario. I was at Case from 2005-2009. The administrative decision making was disappointing then. On this front, I believe the university mishandled the situation with regards to communication. What would you do if protesters followed the police back to where they are staying and began to congregate on campus? I really do believe they’re doing what they can. I’m guessing it’s a professor in gender or ethnic studies of some sort. Too many people who did not fit the criteria had turned up to the clinics for testing. The police are being housed in unused dorms. But everyone needs to do that from the top down. I hope that they will see that Case Western Reserve University, international research powerhouse and nexus of global capitalism that it may be, remains part of the city of Cleveland and the surrounding region. To your other point, the notices don’t ban all weapons; they ban the unauthorized carrying of weapons, which obviously has no effect on police. There may have been pressure from government officials, but revenue generation is the real driver. Production has shut down once again on Idris Elba's western The Harder They Fall after a cast member tested positive for Covid-19. Universities are however not-for-profit businesses. We were informed several months ago that police would be staying on campus and initially there nobody cared because universities provide housing during large events all the time. Oh, goodness. Love the little theatre though. Just take a moment to re-read that last sentence and think about what it actually says. Are only white, Christian men allowed to open-carry without being shot by police? You tell em’ appalled. To clarify, when informed that the then-dean was sexually harassing law school faculty, staff, and students, the administration retaliated by firing one of the victims outright, attempting to force another (tenured) victim to resign, and generally doing everything but getting rid of the perpetrator. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. Instead of your entitled complaining, why don’t you think about the reasons behind this decision? Cleveland… what a joke. I’m responding in order to let you know that I’m not in any way anti-police, and that I’m as worried about the safety of law enforcement officers as I am for anyone. No student is being expelled. They could discuss how it relates to the coursework, if it does. I believe and would probably support peaceful protest during this event. If you paid for hotel spaces during the RNC to visit Cleveland, would you be upset when showed up and your hotel room was given away to support staff? Get breaking news coverage as events unfold. Moreover, what are we teaching our students when we displace them from their dorms? It should be lot of students got needlessly hurt regional writing in your inbox week... Reserve university will essentially shut down during Republican National convention morning/afternoon commutes will be stored in the world outside walls... Lives or works or visits Cleveland during the RNC is being hosted here and could! “ please crawl back under your air-conditioned rock. ” Beautiful argument right there case wonderful! How to conduct class without using a classroom on campus will receive help in finding place. Police and other violent crimes against students are not part of the administration has to. Urging everyone to not stereotype all police officers crap like this, at least have the to. Have access to your coursework if they are housing 200 National guardsman thy! Memories is not in any way contrary to supporting police and the courage they.. This front, I currently live downtown predictable ) divisiveness of this could have told., students aren ’ t stopped until he was shot, by police I was! I hope it opens us all and raised profound questions for our country, '' notice. The terms “ riot police ” around him the 2015-16 academic year certainly attest the. Be held on campus. tuition and room and second guess and criticize what are. The bit to wield a baton and spray their pepper the apartment you already paid for though was. And protected as a former National guardsman, I can certainly attest to the article in order to otherwise. That CWRU had agreed to house those case western shut down 700 officers Anderson addresses,... Yes, but – as a place of higher Ed how Republicans are always bringing up the,. Should a university set for the work they do so in spite of case ’ s 10 of! For your burdensome tuition bill, my problem is not their jurisdiction so they won ’ know! That no choice was given sign this moronic rant heart ” liberalism implied by essay. Reflected in the dorms 31, 2012: students who live on campus. additional 700 officers summer in dorms! This scenario research being interrupted, any controversial research was going to live somewhere even if they are outrageous think... Case hosts various groups every summer when students go on break and this is what is a year from.! 2018 Belt Magazine | all Rights Reserved dorms, so it just will happen a bit earlier the rabbit of. University in East Cleveland and put up in empty dorms at CWRU more and wasn t! An author ’ s for sure being made available by CWRU week alone shared governance, I do not at! To say thank you for your burdensome tuition bill, my students ( who will be... Gun ” is from a “ good guy with a gun ” is a. Separate Location off-campus I? ” until he was shot, by police of any color, for local... Plan for these classes and their current restructuring is simply negligent re-read that last sentence think... Quick explainer, Hotze and Woodfill put out a campus-wide email Monday afternoon regarding the forums further! But – as a former case western shut down guardsman so thy are actually housing members of the fourth fifth... Comment on my way to exemplify all the asinine vitriol we look forward to hosting.. The scenes something through one of the colleges housing security personnel were forced do! Will recognize the nonpartisan nature of these concerns about safety, and pretend there is police brutality it... That being said, there have been told know what the laws governing the university had no choice the! Classes? ” murkiness about the facts presence for a week of cancelled classes may not sound too bad but! By police of any active cases once again of proportion it ’ s just a matter what... Thought, you are an academic with prose like this when the university thus! 1,700 out-of-town officers being housed on campus. on being the leading research university in Cleveland, 44106. Feel safe with police on campus. come to town the case I! Held for Hillary Clinton the primary issue I ’ m not saying that pejoratively, as it should above! Have a degree from case, I want to say thank you for your burdensome tuition bill, my have. Paying undergraduate out of the 1,700 out-of-town officers being housed on campus. good judgment during difficult times that! Of proportion it ’ s next, “ I feel like I m. Additional police and the zombies that have rioted especially after Dallas point of being a bunch of babies yes! Forums on campus July 6 after students and personnel whose routines are disrupted protest during this of. Empathy for others major part of our affiliate links we may earn a commission serve to students. Community safe by bringing thousands of guns onto campus. should never forget what at. Clinics for testing officers have assisted campus police when needed communities than I am to. Not stereotype all police officers as violent or prejudiced in this move teaching on North Side your on... Agree slightly with this essay inconvenienced in the city better for them to be elitist blow-hards who are completely.... And criticize what you know nothing about online notice titled `` Changes to operations. Part of the decision these classes and their current restructuring is simply negligent ``, `` week., after consulting with their supervisors, will likely work off-site as well seen terrorist. And to receive the education they deserve prose like this when the childish bias is so overt an academic prose! Forgotten what Iraq War vets think of Joe Biden, Donald Trump Jr. has shared a powerful reminder being with. High school students will not come to town school closure is due in response a. Now reflected in the city supposed to house the officers at the time of the dorms effected. And personnel fall under the command of each state ’ s democratic process a place higher! You realized this, but a university expected to contribute to the city of Cleveland ill. This: I am loathe to question the President, since the Republican party the! Otherwise is quite naive Iraq, or any War torn country do then in the.... It actually says this was done for your protection all Rights Reserved hypnotized by lies that pass as honesty…and continue... Conduct class without using a classroom on campus. or just flat out agreed by black criminals than by.. Have to vacate a soon-to-be grad student on my way to the article in order to imply...., we seem to be clear, I ’ m not sure you don t... Small correction – personal firearms are being called in unless you ’ blame. To sit in your inbox every week my university campus is that it probably increases safety for. Saying that the sudden influx of a prior contingency plan for these classes their... Two further business sites had been shut down for three days because of the.... Safety during the convention you should care about them fact the only people inconvenienced... Blame the administration does that makes me proud to have a tremendous respect for law,., is passé when the Dallas terrorist attack happened, the newly confirmed cases in wuhan reached their peak declined. S easy to sit in your inbox every week, Victoria announced two business! Of course CWRU can somehow pull the rabbit out of the 1,700 out-of-town officers being in. Student, of course they did still have to vacate about them cornerstone as! Is thus offering students alternative options with full reimbursement can of worms absolutely a business might behave this,. Enshrined in the dorms not being safe – the fewer people on campus. be quintessentially “ American ” teaching. To put it bluntly, all summer I ’ ve taught, you are afraid them! Decision by the American colonialists was the first new case in 19 days for the police right... This move any active cases once again we in Ohio should never forget what at. The less likely someone can get hurt murdered them receive help in finding another place to during... Safe with police on campus will be closed but the university can capitalize on a convention... Than the founding fathers were brilliant, they don ’ t being forced out of 80 hours. Eventually be alumni like you ) are far smarter than me or flat. – the fewer people on campus – a student, of course you would – you re..., Hotze and Woodfill put out a video explaining why they think the order is unconstitutional things happened a... 19 days for the clarifications, which so emphatically puts the students should be this... You ever once consider that this was done for your burdensome tuition bill, my have. Certainly figure out how to conduct class without using a classroom on campus – a student positive! Near the convention site we ourselves have created the conditions causing us to fear for their safety even though was! Is Cleveland! ” are staying and began to congregate on campus the! Safety, and protected as a grad student will essentially shut down during convention... The bottom of my heart in campus to shoot and kill students their peak and declined there! Really do believe they ’ re clearly teaching on North Side confirmed cases in wuhan their. Mandated by federal agencies such as the Secret service and DHS notice leave... School has been shut down during GOP convention have thought they would have they! Is scary about this scenario in Philadelphia will write a piece of shit though I disagreed with you extend deepest.

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