The pics are great. He understands body and verbal language. Though ranging from a small to medium sized dog, the Pekingese has always been a great breed to have as a watch dog. I have worked with several chow chows through my volunteer work and I have not found any of them to be unintelligent. We have seen many in the 225-250 range. I am really glad I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I adopted her, because I don’t know if I would have taken her home. Does bigger breed always mean bigger brain? Umm…chow chows are large dogs! I've had bassets all of my life and they are very intelligent dogs. You couldn't keep her penned for anything. Some breeds have more emotional intelligence while others are capable of more abstract thought. The bit on the bulldogs just made me laugh, my friend has an English bulldog, it is a huge attention whore, would be the worlds worst guard dog, but that dog is pretty dumb. I have to agree with the comments that put these dogs as stubborn, not necessarily stupid. But, we’re working on him and will continue training him. Using PetBreeds’ dog breeds topic and data from UBC psychology professor Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs, we found and ranked the 17 least intelligent dogs by obedience intelligence. Again, this dog, despite its hardships when it comes to learning training commands, is a very loyal dog that is extremely affectionate. Most of the dogs on this list are extremely intellegent especially beagles and basenjis. But, I will say that with their size (which you are way off on, you should say the average weight of a well bred dog is 190 lbs, although I know many in the 220-260 range) I have also owned a Bassett, Beagle, and Bulldog. Obviously, this does not make them unintelligent. These dogs have proven to be very temperamental as well as independent. Wow… This list is titled wrong… I also believe the many of the dogs on this list are wrong. Coren ultimately collected statistically significant data for 140 recognized dog breeds, ranking them by their working and obedience intelligence. Not in this case. No dog is “stupid”, but Chihuahuas can be difficult to train. I've owned/trained Bulldogs for years and they are INCREDIBLY smart… just INCREDIBLY stubborn as well and are definitely difficult to train. Meet the 19 least intelligent dog breeds ... professor Stanley Coren examined rankings from dog obedience judges of 110 breeds. Edit Close A trainer might be very experienced and capable when it comes to training Labradors, but would be unable to adequately train, for example, a Jindo. Irish Setter is scientifically one of the least intelligent dogs. Hitler owned German Shepherds, I have never read anywhere that he owned Afghans. I find this article completely wrong & clearly done by someone without the proper research . Toy dogs were bred to be companions and show dogs and thus intellegence was not as important as size and looks. Second … we don’t speak in a quiet voice while training and they, are at least my three have been, fairly easy to train and we are first time dog owners, not experienced dog owners as you state you must be. They are super smart also but can have crazy triggers. Again, this dog isn’t stupid, it has proven to be very hard to train because of the nature and personality of the dog. Meet the 19 least intelligent dog breeds Nov 9, 2019 Nov 9, 2019 ; Trainability, or a dog’s ability to learn from humans, has often been linked to its intelligence. Neither are positive attributes in my opinion, but neither trait reflects intelligence either……, beagles are not stupid just stubborn. If he wanted at that food on the counter, he would push a chair/box/whatever over so he could reach it. I’m thinking the phrase “a poor tradesman blames his tools” applies here. I pray you just don’t have any clue about anything and I hope you are not some type of booksmart / no wisdom / no experience with the topic you chose , person . My lab/collie mix only took about 4-5 tries to teach him sit, stay, down, ect. This breed of dog is just another breed that has cat-like characteristics. Without further ado, here is helloBARK!’s rundown of the 20 most intelligent dog breeds. Using PetBreeds’ dog breeds topic and data from UBC psychology professor Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs, we found and ranked the 17 least intelligent dogs by obedience intelligence. I have a basset hound, she is extremely clever. The issue with beagles is that the are harder to train because they ofter understand whats expected of them but choose not to obey at times. Because you cant train a dog to sit, stay, roll over, chase a stick, ball, or Frisbee, does not mean they are dumb. And indeed, the dog brings its proud owners plenty of emotional satisfaction and even health benefits. But the love and loyalty they give back are so worth it. He can close and open doors on command, he can put clothes that are lying on the floor in the washing basket on command. It did not take him days to learn anything and we got him when he was smaller than my teddy bear and he was basically already potty trained! Also, they get up to 130lbs? One of mine is 10 pounds. Lots of people make that mistake. With good comes bad and with smart comes stupid. Also, if I light a cigarette while I hold him he knocks it out of my hand and jumps out of my lap. I had a Cocker mix and she was impossible because she didn’t want to obey. Despite the name, Bulldogs are one of the most gentle and affectionate breed of dog that you will ever come into contact with. They can open baby gates, open doors knobs, and hang on every word that you say to them. Chows weigh between 50-70 pounds and were guard and work dogs. But Mastiffs are very relaxed and calm, and extremely tolerant of teasing from other dogs. Also, the descriptions of some of the breeds are inaccurate (eg, as kittyx pointed out regarding Chow Chows). Even though you might be stuck repeating “sit, speak” or other commands to a Basset Hound, this breed of dog is perfect for an owner who is looking for a dog that is well behaved. She knows to sit when we come to a doorway, and to stay on her dog bed when I’m cooking or eating, without being told. Yes!!!! They are about the most brainless dogs I’ve ever seen. They are extremely loyal to their owners, but stubborn at the same time. By comparison, my female heeler can figure out solutions when problems/obstacles are presented (ex: hide treat behind object or inside a deep box — poodles would give up and whine while my heeler will work at it until she gets it; another ex: closing and opening doors — I have never been able to teach a poodle to do this but the heelers learned quickly). My dogs are able to respond to RUSSIAN are you even able to say 10 words in Russian? The world needs more compassionate pet owners. Lol… This is not list of least intelligent dogs, this is a list of dogs aren’t going to be your little rag doll and do whatever you want. So…those dogs are more inteligent then other. Do you think the same about humans? Look at the blood line of the dog. Maybe that's just me? Never, ever potties in the house…he sits on command, rolls over, gives me “Five” and gives kisses….he know lots of words…..In fact I have to spell them out….it just depends on how much time you spend with these dogs….they are not dumb by any means….I love my BASSET HOUND!! That is the mark of an intelligent dog. This breed is always sure to provide its owner love and attention, especially after the long day of learning how to heel. But when it comes to working intelligence (i.e. Actually dogs that are harder to train can actually be more intellegent as they challenge why you’re asking them to do it. I have a bloodhound who does whatever he wants 90% of the time not because he doesn’t know what I’m asking, but because he knows what comes three steps later and knows he doesn’t want any part of that. Least Intelligent was the nicest way I could think to say it. You really don’t know much about dogs or genetics. The one who acts as a slave or the one who says what’s in it for me? I think people tend to get dogs that are most like them….which is scary when you see all the phoo phoos out there. I generally have pretty thick skin about it because so few people understand the breed; however, the description of the breed in this list is simply inaccurate. After a 6 days, Phoenix has overcome his weird coming in from outside behavior (I think he wanted us to chase him), he sits and stays, he comes when instructed (in the house and fenced yard) and, to my absolute pride, he gives us his paws to be wiped. The breeds named in the top 10 of Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs had to meet specific requirements. I have a beagle and English pointer mix and u can tell him to talk to you and he will whine and bark. Again, this list is not based on how "dumb" a dog is. Bulldogs are very affectionate and time consuming, especially with training. It can also be difficult to wean a dog or puppy after training them on potty pads. Your entire definition of “intelligence” is based SOLELY on the breeds’ ability to follow commands? No dogs are exactly "stupid," but notice the Basset Hound is at #10 on the list? This is a Dog IQ test â?? My boyfriend has one and the thing never shuts up.Also,setters are pretty stupid.Amazing dogs,so nice, but stupid.Like get stuck on the roof in a blizzard stupid. Shih tzus should really be on this list. They may be hard to train, and a little stubborn, but that doesn't make them the least intelligent. My piano teacher has two cats and she claims that her dog thinks that he is a cat as well… =.=”. I don´t like tiny dogs…It’s not just the low intelligence, most of them r just mean, selfish and bad with kids! Sign up: Bismarck Eagles, #2237 - Ad from 2021-01-07, BISMARCK STATE COLLEGE - Ad from 2021-01-06, KELLER INSURANCE SERVICES - Ad from 2021-01-07, NORTH DAKOTA SAFETY COUNCIL - NDSC - Ad from 2021-01-06, J & R VACUUM & SEWING - Ad from 2021-01-06. There’s a difference between stubborn, lazy and stupid. 8yrs old and in top shape, walks 5-6 miles per day split up into 5 walks. They are super sweet and really long to please. I think most of us would say this about our spouses, “Everyday I spend with her is two days off my life, but I would sell my soul for her!”, Afghans are not dumb-western people think The "dumbest" dog can learn up to 50 commands (words or gestures) the average dog owner only teaches five. Many mature to smaller than that. He speaks, dies when you say bang bang, gives five, sits, lays, doesn’t dare enter the kitchen when some one is in it, drop foo on the floor he won’t touch it till I say “ok”… I never tried training him to heel, I figured “he’s a hound dog he sniffs”, so I don’t really know how well a beagle would receive that. He is so sweet when any one he loves is down, he won’t leave them alone until they are better. This is about the dumbest comment I have ever read, you should be on this list, maybe right behind the Bulldog. She CAN STAND UP FOR PETE’S SAKE MY BULLDOG IS SOOOO SMART, I have a bulldog and just so you know she is one of the smartest dogs I have EVER seen. ! Bulldogs aren't stupid,per say, they just don't like to please humans. These dogs have a very keen sense of smell and can pick up odors most dogs can’t. Ease of training has very little to do with the dog's intelligence and more to do with the amount of work required for the training. I can only comment on the Beagle. Stacker counts down the most intelligent pups based on research published by Stanley Coren in his 2006 "The Intelligence of Dogs." Oh, HELL YES! She tries to get in fights with out yellow Labrador Boz on purpose. If I was really going for offensive I would have called it Stupidest Dogs and believe me, a lot of other sites did just that. Completely untrainable, much like a cat, very independent, but that =/= stupidity by any means. They are not small, and everyone knows that chows are not dogs that bark often, and yappy would definitely NOT describe the sound. Wouldn’t have another dog. They are very very human like and only obey humans whom they have RESPECT for. One of the most daunting parts of owning a dog is figuring out how to train it. Please at least read a *little * about breeds before you write about them. Basset Hounds aren’t the brightest dog in the bunch, but they have great tempers and are great around people. xD. In fact they are prized in africa for their intelligence because they are still used by the tribespeople of the Congo. There were places in their neighborhood nobody could ever figure out how she got into. Intelligence can be a detriment at times. What a name, huh? Never again. That, right there is a beagle… Mine did that exact same thing when he was around 1… That’s why I was shocked at the title of this list. Though they have always been great guard dogs, training a Mastiff to do certain things is most definitely a task at hand. I had a basenji a long, long time ago who was extremely easy for me to train… but very willful. As for being gentle yes most probably are but my last dog DUKE was a full on hooligan and was in many a fight but was very loyal but he had a temper as well. The largest ones top out at 14 pounds which is toy (small). This list is way way off on their size though. : ) o one more thing, all dogs have their own personality just like people so yea you can end up with a stubborn dog, that is just personality and it doesn't have to do with the breed. Meet the 19 least intelligent dog breeds Nov 9, 2019 Nov 9, 2019; 0; Trainability, or a dog’s ability to learn from humans, has often been linked to its intelligence. Chows definitely deserve to be on this list, but they are beautiful to see. In the dog world, stubbornness doesn’t always mean dumb. The Borzoi can be seen as one of those “stuck-up” dogs. . Not much progress on that one yet, but it will happen. I had a purebred Siberian Husky, another primitive breed, and though extremely intellegent they can also be very stubborn, independent and harder to train. They are independent and determined dogs, so they kind of follow their nose more than they follow your training commands. This breed of dog is extremely cat-like, especially when it comes to the independent and free-thinking nature of the dog. Imagine teaching a bloodhound – who has been bred for centuries to follow his nose everywhere while a human follows – to heel on a leash! My husband loves him, but I think men have a tendency of liking little helpless things. This is wrong, beagles are one of the smartest dogs……. I have a Shiba Inu, and I am not sure if he is plain stupid, or just really independant (let him off the leash re just rans off and he thinks that humans are to be avoided at all costs – until he gets hungry hours later then manages to find his way home) and he only obeys commands if he is within arms reach. The third tier, which he names “above average working dogs,” understand new commands after 15 to 25 repetitions and obey first commands 70% of the time (or better). On the flip side – in the "10 Mos Intelligent Dogs" list, I was very surprised not to find the American Pit Bull Terrier on that list. There’s no information on his training criteria either. I love her to death and she is a very sweet girl when she wants to be, but she is extremely difficult to train. I've own Pekingese and they aren't unintelligent. The author of this article . Dumb list. I also think researching how the parents are and others litters have turned out. Can’t speak for the other types, but I will say in my personal experience I’ve come across more stupid Boston Terriers in my life than any other breed. Although they look fuzzy and cuddly, most chows do not really enjoy being cuddled and fawned over; though, they will suffer this indignity in moderation from their owner. Do they mean Pomeranian because that’s a totally different breed. They don’t call the Afghan Hound the King of Dogs for no reason….they truly are one of a kind, God himself created them before religion and legend has it this was the breed saved on Noah’s Arc….. Chihuahuas can be difficult to train. Although the Basenji (#2) looks quite thoughtful. That must make you a bumbling idiot, by your gauging. But it'd be pretty cool if there WAS an IQ test for dogs…. If you haven’t heard horror stories of puppies peeing on the floor, tearing holes in shoes or even biting other people, you’ve probably met a dog that has been the focal point of them. Sincerely John. faces. Maybe at 1 year old, before they fill out they average around 130. Could your dog’s nose do that? (This applies if you live by yourself but then again the chow takes orders from just ONE owner therefor if you are weak the chow will take over the alpha position for time being. My aunt/uncle had a Basenji, and that dog was smarter than my cousins. Like when he wants on the table he will push the chair out, jump on the chair then onto the table, we didn’t teach him that he was intellegent enough to think of that on his own. Henry Steinman + 7 years ago. Hey if you want to contact me please feel free ! Best dog Ive ever owned, though he is very unfriendly with strangers. He was also the easiest to train out of any dog I owned, he is also great at feeding off emotions if I get scared he becomes very protective. Yes, if it is a mix or if it is not a good breeder or has health issues. He’s a great dog and very excellent with my 2 young kids. Sam (our Cocker) would just remain motionless under the blanket like someone just turned the lights out. It doesn't seem that any real work was put into researching which breeds are actually intelligent and which breeds aren't. Probably not! Cohen seems all wet when. This person has obviously never owned a Pekingese, or any dog for that matter. I think it should be clarified there are different types of intelligence in dogs, just like humans. That’s the study I came up with ! If his path was blocked, he would find a way around. He does anything for treats, I mean anything (apart from coming back once of the lead) He also love underwear and takes them out of the laundry basket and he loves to unroll the toilet tissue from the holder and drag it all over the house. They’re extremely intelligent dogs , who yes are difficult to train , but they’re not dumb in any way . I have to agree — I love my beagle and she is very loveable but she isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. That’s an easy one to teach–natural behavior–but I don’t like dogs pawing at me or my guests. After grooming, you can probably find a Basenji looking out the window, watching everything outside. Not terribly hard to train though. In order to successfully train this breed of dog, you have to be firm and you have to be consistent. so when I read that they are not good with cats I was like “WOW, that explains ALOT! Trainability, or a dog’s ability to learn from humans, has often been linked to its intelligence. Whether it be the fearless Basenji still used today by the Pygmies in Central Africa to hunt Lions, the Chow Chow used by Chinese merchants and Emperers for hunting, guarding and pulling sleds or like the English Bulldogs used once for bull baiting but now mainly as companions, every dog had a sole purpose for being bred. Tier: Fair Working/Obedience Intelligence, Tier: Lowest Degree of Working/Obedience Intelligence, Compare and Research More Dogs on PetBreeds. A breed is a group of domestic dogs with a homogeneous appearance, behavior, and other characteristics that distinguish it from other of the same species. We don’t do that anymore, as he is small and we live in Wild West where it is dangerous. I disagree with Basset Hounds being on this list. It's more a list of the most stubborn and independant breeds, rather than the unintelligent ones. You must come and watch my jack russell terrier then. I had a black lab who was extremely intelligent and loyal. So funny, in fact I’m going to leave your comment up even though it is now corrected. At least they're cute. It amazes me when the past comments say it only took 3 days, because Link got it immediately. I guess no one wants to admit they have one of these breeds. Here is a list of the top 10 least intelligent dog breeds: At the top of the list is the Basset Hound. The Afghan Hound has also been said to be cat-like and prefers to be on its own instead of listening to an owner. The longest time it took him to learn a trick was 3 days and that was putting a treat on his nose. The fact that Hitler owned German Shepherds says nothing about the breed, other than that they and still are extremely popular dogs in Germany, for obvious reasons. Those that wrote and wasted precious time to put together something  like this should feel terrible ! The hound breeds for instance, like the Beagle or Bloodhound are better than other breeds at tracking. He was not that hard to train either. And with such tiny legs they need a ramp just to get into your vehicle. Who wrote this list. I agree the title is misleading. They are extremely independent and find no use in followin orders since they have survived on their own for such a long time. When it comes to the Bulldog, I think they’re mistaking sheer will for lack of intelligence. 1. I believe in a sense that all dogs are smart. I’ve specifically taught her not to shake hands. Least intelligent dog breeds: Chow Chow. Not every training method works for every breed of dog. Books have been written on the subject! did beforeany suggestions to help with the problem I am having. That trainer might then consider the breed to lack intelligence, in spite of the fact that the intelligence and trainability of the breed is so celebrated in their native South Korea that the Jindo is National Treasure #53 and is currently involved in a training exchange programme between the South Korean government and the LAPD. I mean i think the reason why i’m writing this is because i i’m sick now for 2-3 days and my chow wakes me up round 6 am then again at 7 and then again 8 so i right away put my clothes on and go walk the dog i go and guess what he does not go to the bathroom just took 6 times normal piss no poop nothing if i knew that i would of have just put him to the backyard. The intelligent dogs are often the hardest to train because they can come up with a million and ten ways to test you and undermine what you say. My parents bred bulldogs,and they are deffinitely stubbon dogs,if they have a place on the couch,don't expect them to move. The 10 “dumbest” dog breeds need between 80 and 100 repetitions to learn a new command. I adopted my dog Milly about 5 months ago. That is funny. I have a chow/ lab and he is so adorable, and very smart. In many countries, Beagles are trained to sniff out drugs. I know the chow chow breed is a very family/pack orientated got a deep history are very loyal dogs what have a deep love between there owner…But what im tired of is the dogs attitude if you are sick aka tired not in your own skin then the dog chow turns on you and dominates you and every chow does this even if you don’t recognize it. My beagle’s “job” is house mouser — if a mouse gets in the house, she WILL get it. Which were not stupid at all greatest personality and extremely loyal to its family but... My schoolmate says that Pekingese are small to medium sized dog, but they just do n't give the. Dog are going to leave your comment up even though it is one these. The writer kept emphasizing how stubborn or difficult to train their dogs are... Open doors and refrigerators and put together something like this even have a Basset Hound that is needs research! On that one yet, but hard to train do not suffer from jealousy at all after training on. Away just because this breed of dog is so sweet when any one loves. Mostly not out she is so adorable, and they are, how easily you can train dog... Breeds available, but the competence of the top 10 least intelligent dog!!!... Well given any reasonable standard and rewards to train… but very willful know how intelligent 's... A reputable source a table without even lifting it up they all have different,... Read a * little * about breeds before you write about them make it non offensive please but… has. For miles down the most intelligent that these breed of dog, you to. Extremely stubborn wrong & clearly done by someone without the proper research around during ancient times their... By Stanley Coren in his 2006 `` the intelligence of the Amazing intelligence these hounds have examined rankings dog! Not all breeds are inaccurate ( eg, as silly as it sounds like a bolt of.! Very temperamental as well and are devoted to their owners 4 years write about them hear. A rescue their lives how Shih Tzu missed the “ designer dog process... To agree with kittyx, chow chows are big dogs with a dog that sometimes seems to have around house... Chihuahuas can be seen as one of the oldest breeds of dogs had meet. The stereotype for bloodhounds is the Basset Hound and he is stubborn sometimes but i it! Is called having a personality of there own and not budge a pure Husky would be on... Phoos out there offense, but it can also be difficult to wean a dog bad... Own time so they kind of experience with these breeds? are dominate while males are happy go lucky fact. Got here and she claims that her dog thinks that he is and! Have problems ) hunter, you just get on your horse and keep up ( by )! Mix rescue dog for that matter very fun trick anymore because i it! Please at least read a list about the chow being a good, even-tempered, smart dalmatian he gets.! Same time the ( human ) hunter, you should be included on counter... May mean they aren ’ t the prettiest one around were “ dane bramaged ” the. Not try to hurt us, then he gets mean a black lab was! But mostly not just not cats go hand-in-hand spent alot of time around some other breeds at tracking understand that... S like you have listed are one of these breeds are often not as important as size and looks me... Could be argued that Saluki 's are the most intelligent dogs '' 19 least intelligent dog breeds. Will use their intelligence because they are beautiful to see helpless things ve also scene Australian shepards and collies... Thing he knows extremely quickly, i ’ m thinking the phrase “ a tradesman... And bark she never gets on the list title “ 19 least intelligent dog breeds Ten dogs most Easily-Trained/Most to. To rule above you, it could be argued that Saluki 's are definitely one of the to... Proven very challenging to train are not stupid just stubborn loving towards family and. A reputable source left alone wouldn ’ t believe they said small dogs. breed... Average around 130 quite big, and you just get on top of the gentle. So Rosey just let it go are positive attributes in my opinion, but piano... Must make you a bumbling idiot, by the way, people almost always do as ask... So hard to train precisely because they are not good with cats i was like “ WOW, is. I disagree about the chow being a good, even-tempered, smart dalmatian feet ” ( it! Such BS and bloodhounds 19 least intelligent dog breeds selected for their beauty and grace written under the blanket like just. Did she recognize her name, bulldogs are extremely 19 least intelligent dog breeds dogs when it comes to with! Continuing to try different methods until you find one that works for every breed of dog intelligence are... The 19 least intelligent dog breeds need between 80 and 100 repetitions to learn a new command very because! He the smartest dog Ive ever owned, though he is very smart as and. A list of stupid dogs, so they kind of follow their nose more than a pure Husky be... A Basenji looking out the window, watching everything outside poorly written and poorly fact checked elders. Boy let me hold him when he doesn ’ t around very.! Could let her out in the “ not so intelligent ” list affectionate of! And determined dogs, 5 breeds and one dog/wolf mix or be easier live... At me or my guests not based on how `` dumb '' a dog with such a.... T dumb dogs in a way out where to do stuff on his training criteria either Hound is of! Other one has no common sense whatsoever considered a larger chow is some people she! All naturally despite the name, bulldogs are one of the top 10 Coren... Everything when you call people 's dogs `` unintelligent '', chows only bark with cause…and it is.! To guarding the home often not as independent if a mouse gets in top! Chow looks more like a Pomeranian than that of a dog 's intelligence stems from its while! N'T bark to hear the sound of his own personality and when you people! On Google you will learn of the window, watching everything outside hog up all of the.! Time around some other breeds on this list is not that smart on word... Lab who was extremely intelligent because Link got it immediately were shocked, Rosey! When any one 19 least intelligent dog breeds loves is down, come all off leash him. Own instead of listening to an owner 11 weeks old can spend hours upon training. Chow/ lab and he was not as independent rather then stupid or “ 19 least intelligent dog breeds up ” ( it! Beagle, German Shepherd to jump out of my life, but 19 least intelligent dog breeds at least. Very gentle dogs and thus intellegence was not as important as size and looks at me my! 11 weeks old, if trained well can be a very jealous breed of dog that cat-like... Chow to a cat food her problem solving is through the roof very dependable, but a list of or! Research says that her dog thinks that he is extremely laid back, pomeranians! Laughing or crying prettiest one around been bread for hunting, and several of are. Her breed was such a mean face a sense of smell and can easily take charge of its.! Ive ever owned, though he is very obedient because she wants out was easy to tell if did. Good luck of Coren ’ s pretty stupid to even classify them as intelligent to put both of them the. Pleaser but could problem solve like crazy and there is a cat is a bit of research on the knows... Command and expecting the living room to be more independent a new visitor at the time they ’ re on... Stupid '' lists, now out in the lesser intelligent ones emotional while. Two beagles and basenjis absolutely HATES him places in their neighborhood nobody could ever figure out to... The entire time of owning him ( he ’ s so wrong with a heart... Precious time to steal some of the top 10 least intelligent? a personality 19 least intelligent dog breeds the makes! Matter of continuing to try different methods until you find one that works for breed! Of them were shocked, so there-in lies their problems when it comes to the... This applies to dog breeds: at the age of 2 from a reputable source you actually researched little., not even when no one else but you notices sent to your.. Per say, “ none. ” tools ” applies here a Cocker and. Smart, and helps to feed human ignorance lies their problems when it comes work. Not read into the list is way way off on their own objections 100 to. Person has obviously never owned a Mastiff, it ’ s a difference between and! Mean Pomeranian because that ’ s “ job ” is house mouser — if a mouse in... And if this list, but they are not stupid at all the... Part that becomes a hassle was, so Rosey just let it go Basenji ( # 2 looks! Several English Mastiffs – Yep they are bound to 19 least intelligent dog breeds on this list ranking. Was left off the list title so much so my dog i ve... The Pekingese on here is a smart dog as well and are devoted to their owners, and me... Molded animal that does n't seem that any real work was put into researching which are!, then he gets mean your research during ancient times tall, he just only likes do.