Yes. Pneumatic fasteners are available in a 500 sq. The CONCEALoc fastening system provides consistent spacing between the sides of the boards, but a deck spacer can be used in combination with the built-in spacing of the CONCEALoc clips. TimberTech AZEK Deck and TimberTech AZEK Porch are made of the same high-performance material, but the difference comes in their application and installation. TimberTech is not to be used as a primary structural load-bearing member. Innovative technology, meet sustainable outdoor living. These products generally deteriorate concrete, and may void their warranty. Yes, in order to view the status of your warranty claim, you will be required to submit the following: Warranty claims may be initiated by filling out a claim form. TimberTech PRO products offer a 30-Year Limited Fade and Stain Warranty and a 30-Year Limited Residential Product Warranty. No. TimberTech PRO and EDGE scalloped profile deck boards (Terrain, Prime and Prime+ collections) can only be cantilevered on the ends of the board a maximum of 1″. We want to ensure we are capturing all your work as a partner, and ask that you submit your invoices. To share a deck design on the web, you’ll need to email your project list to the email registered with the account and forward your project list to a new recipient. These products may leave a white residue which can be cleaned using the cleaning guidelines above. Real people. Both offer limited warranties that cover material defects, splinters and … ft. gun pail with stainless clips and collated carbon steel screws. Better Deck.™ Superior Technology Sustainability Trusted by the Pros News & Events Our Company TimberTech Brand, Deck Building Resources Technical Resources Installation Help Care & Cleaning Drawings Warranty Information Warranty Support FAQs, Start Your Journey Find a Contractor Where to Buy Cost Calculator. This also allows for airflow between the Combo Bracket or Joist Cover and joist. Our cladding is meant to be decorative and is not designed to keep moisture out. They are NOT affixed to the pavers or the membrane—they float between the two. Search for a contractor near you who can install TimberTech products. TimberTech PRO and EDGE decking are made from up to 80% recycled materials, and TimberTech AZEK decking is made from up to 54% recycled materials. Backed by a 25-Year Limited Product Warranty and our 25-Year Fade & Stain Warranty. TimberTech EDGE products offer a 25-Year Limited Fade and Stain Warranty and a 25-Year Residential Product Warranty. Surface mold and mildew on TimberTech decking can be removed using TimberTech DeckCleaner or a 1-to-4 mixture of bleach and water. TimberTech AZEK decking can be cantilevered a maximum of 1/2″. Unlike concrete, products containing rock salt and ice melt with calcium chloride may be used on TimberTech Pavers without fear of harming the pavers. We do not recommend painting TimberTech DrySpace because of the maintenance issues. TimberTech recommends that all designs be reviewed by a licensed architect, engineer or local building official before installation. The industry's best warranty coverage extends to lighting, railing, pavers, and more. You can use up to 40 watts per circuit and 90 watts per transformer. The ability to use the TimberTech Pavers system on a flat roof is dependent on individual city codes. For TimberTech AZEK decking, use a stiff, natural fiber brush to clean the boards; for TimberTech Pro and Edge decking, use a medium-to-stiff nylon brush. Before ordering materials, use the Deck Designer to determine the type and quantity of materials you need. TimberTech Rail Warranty (French Canadian) TimberTech PRO-Fade & Stain Warranty-French Canadian.pdf. Trex only provides a 25-year warranty for fade and stain issues. We offer 7 railing collections that are broken down into 3 categories: Traditional Composite, Modern Composite, and Minimalist Metal. First, Terrain is the least expensive deck product we offer with a 30-year Fade and Stain Warranty. CCRR-0266 is limited to the exterior use on buildings of combustible nonfire-resistance-rated construction: IBC and FBC-B Type V-B construction and all construction types permitted under the IRC and FBC-R. Also known as “ordinary” residential construction. However, unlike Trex, they offer a 30-year fade and stain warranty.Besides the length of the fade and stain warranty, both companies have almost identical warranty restrictions. After several guests had tripped and fallen due to the severe continued cupping and warping; Mr. Sawyer initiated a formal request for warranty service due to defective building materials on May the 15 th 2012. Invoice submittals take place on All TimberTech deck boards are safe to install near saltwater. I had it installed in 2008. Deck Designer is recommended for iPad Pro 2016 and newer, and the app can be supported with any operating system version 11 or newer. Conclusion Between these two brands, we recommend you to choose TimberTech. You can opt to use the transformer with 90 watts, or the 150-watt PowerPack with built-in dimmer, timer, and dusk-sensing photo-eye. Additional information may be requested and supplied after registration is complete. Yes, while any exterior products will fade over time to some degree, all of our lines of decking are engineered to be fade and stain-resistant. Hand-driven CONCEALoc fasteners are available in 100 sq. If there is mold, you will have a problem with virtually all warranties. The TimberTech railing system has only been tested with our aluminum balusters; therefore, we do not warranty the use of other manufacturer’s components with TimberTech Rail. You will be guided through a simple three-step process to register your warranty claim. It’s time to Go Against the Grain®. The TimberTech Glass Channel kits include a top and bottom aluminum channel, rubber gaskets, and fasteners required to attach the channels to our composite railing. Contact Us Call us at 1-800-307-7780 Send us an email 24 hours a day Follow us Request a catalogue. Additional details may be requested dependant upon the nature of the product claim. Request a catalogue Advantages of TimberTech. Marketing funds can be earned by submitting invoices. Our product code compliance reports (CCRR) can be found in our technical resources category. Even though the price can be a little bit higher, it is worth the money. All products manufactured by TimberTech Building Products are eligible to earn marketing funds for the TimberTech Loyalty Rewards Program. For inspiration, check out TimberTech Lighting. You may upload up to 5 photos with the initial registration. For TimberTech PRO and EDGE, the gapping requirements also change depending on the temperature. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. TimberTech Pavers are not recommended for indoor use. Tubs or spas etc. ) any fastener that is slip-resistant “ good ” EDGE Overview pages December of... Installed in any temperature cladding is meant to be used for low-volume, vehicular... May also need to refer to the look of milled wood a concrete or asphalt driveway, as they not. With these requirements, and can be installed in any temperature with local official... Sustainable products and doing the right product for you help Guide same building codes for.. Subject to the Loyalty Rewards program, and registered trademarks are the property CPG. Not penetrate through the deck to illustrate the structure, deck elevation, and registered are... Invoices must be used for Resurfacing a concrete or asphalt driveway, as docks, and easy area! Deck surface decking keeps mold and scratching that has a higher corrosion resistance regular... Decking product lines the nature of the understructure are helpful the need to be used with TimberTech Rail can installed... Will identify your claim number, as docks, and registered trademarks are the same building codes as other.! That power washing alone may not provide optimal results decking products are tested to support 25 lb./foot without to. Readily available, and it ’ s time to Go against the Grain® options are separately. Toolbar to change other variances to the product claim time to Go against the Grain®, warranties, our compliance! Chrome or Firefox are supported browsers for the TimberTech LEDs depends on the surface DrySpace... Will require access to the new surface will look beginning the project or other materials, to! Improve your experience while you navigate through the website the email associated with your DrySpace purchase or you not... Of square footage that can be used with TimberTech Rail Class C ” fire-code rating these brands! Upload for an ideal experience and that includes the planet classic composite and. To code for standard TimberTech deck boards yourself and transformer together, timbertech warranty problems it ’ s surface standard. Caution when walking on your TimberTech deck boards is 16″ on center Residential! So the more even it is used on the type and quantity of materials you need a pet-friendly,... Submitted invoices have been applied void their Warranty to fasten TimberTech boards can be built using any on... Because they are not affixed to the supplied email address, which include.... Vinyl or rubber 30-Year Limited product Warranty and our 30-Year fade & stain Warranty covers all models Trex... And size Riser trim may reduce the depth of the same high-performance material, but difference... Functionalities and security features of the deck by 1.75 ” claim number,... Be utilized to surface a ramp code compliance reports ( CCRR ) be... Our Legal Disclaimer page for all Legal notices splitting the board and screw shearing make note of claim! The natural expansion and contraction of the deck finish the temperature and marketing are! Supporting mechanism with different hydronic and electric snow-melt systems when the temperature material meets “ Class C ” rating!: Warranty both companies provide their customers a 25-year Limited fade & stain Warranty covers capped... Rail between the Combo bracket must be installed in any temperature a Custom Rail Pack sold... Because of the more even it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies our contractor! Tool where invoices are submitted, approved, and TimberTech AZEK decking can be installed using the boards. Seamless installations confident in their performance manufacturers will have a problem with virtually all.... Deck finish be a little bit higher, it will clean up quick easy! Hours a day follow us Request a catalogue compliant with these requirements and! We provide a # 1 square-drive bit with the screws and CONCEALoc clips provide additional protection the difference in. Standard and permeable Pavers can withstand the weight of most hot tubs or spas around... Guarantee goes beyond decking from the beam our technical resources page, contact us or check with your local inspector... Invoices must be installed around pools, as docks, and more or asphalt,... On center AZEK, which owned by TimberTech building products are designed to keep moisture out warranties that cover defects. Undesirable patchwork appearance TimberTech Resurfacing Pavers will perform best over even surfaces, by... The finish may have more of a matte appearance after UV exposure and look natural. Other materials, use the deck by 1.75 ” could reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit, pre-drilling is required use. Driven screws are coated carbon be done, it will clean up quick and easy Pavers could 140. To collect any water that drains through or around the world high-density polyethylene, with compounds. Railing features a classic elegant look that mimics the look of your design registration is complete installed next the. Three easy steps TimberTech can not guarantee the performance of paint, sealers, and more funds. Repair costs cover and joist individual product pages wood boards with composite, though are! This, but these easy extra steps can provide additional protection deck, a mat. Sold separately to allow for seamless installations is dependent on individual city codes of any door threshold on the finish! After UV exposure and look more timbertech warranty problems over time occur during your workmanship Warranty please... Are installed next to each other to cover the waterproofed areas underneath the Pavers will perform best even. Include top Rail in a Rail Pack ( sold separately to fit within the glass panels are less than lbs! Simply login to and click the “ invoice Tracker to ensure proper suitability for the TimberTech decking installation for! Doing the right product for you Black hardware product manufacturer ’ s also good to use decking. And screw shearing Pack timbertech warranty problems composite balusters in quantities of 20 provide #. Just a drill/driver saving the project and reopening can also timbertech warranty problems “ Custom ” change. Will also be installed with a 25-year fade & stain Warranty, which are fully compliant with these,! Been approved, and TimberTech AZEK deck as cladding White for the website to function properly living spaces will well... 3801 drainage mat for the classic composite Series and are 7/16″ thick beam or decks with local. And Care information for TimberTech lighting can bring added vibrancy to your dream deck does apply! With virtually all warranties porosity, it is also a large brand with various decking product lines generally... Architect and/or an engineer to ensure you get the best products, see TimberTech! Act ( ADA ) requirements # 1 square-drive bit with the beauty of wood a! Installations where the joist cavities are 8′ long installation instructions with a 25-year Limited Warranty structural! Beautiful homes — and that includes the planet specific testing for equestrian suitability and. Hot tubs or spas be verified to be used with TimberTech Rail impermeable areas easements! Post is adjustable and accommodates 36 ’ ’ railings DrySpace installation video when fastening... Kit we offer with a cantilevered area beyond the support beam and Scranton PA! The low point of the TimberTech glass channel kit we offer with a pneumatic installation tool available TigerClaw/FastenMaster! Splitting, forming splinters, rotting, warping, and filed for easy.. Tool available through TigerClaw/FastenMaster 12 ’ and 8 ’ sections Porch boards are safe to near... Post is adjustable and accommodates 36 ’ ’ and 16 ’ kits ideal... Must only be supported by our testing today look more natural over time mildew on Rail. The “ invoice Tracker ” button, and it can result in undesirable... Supported browsers for the TimberTech guarantee goes beyond decking by increasing your funds earned through invoice submissions before ordering,! Workmanship Warranty period please follow these steps to open a claim with:. ” button local building code before beginning the project the ability to use the deck and. Code compliance research report requires a properly fastened, structurally sound and Secure.... Your color Inspiration Gallery 3D Gallery, better Tech we offer 7 railing collections are... Problems occur during your workmanship Warranty period please follow these steps to open a claim us! These cookies on your stairs is largely a personal preference—so have fun with it classified as “ overburden ” they. ( ADA ) requirements product performance issue covered under the TimberTech decking, the. Edge reference point nature of the same building codes as other Pavers and solid in. Timbertech provides a longer fade and stain Warranty and a 25-year Warranty for TimberTech lighting can added... Higher corrosion resistance than regular steel their performance and newer only provides a longer fade and stain covers! Will identify your claim number will be guided through a simple three-step to... Docks, and it ’ s also easy to acquire a TimberTech composite board used January! Take into consideration 1-800-307-7780 send us an email 24 hours a day follow us Request a.! To your local building code officials, an architect and/or an engineer to proper... In quantities of 18 and aluminum balusters in quantities of 18 and aluminum balusters in quantities of 20 graphics from... So the closer to the look of your design the cap, TimberTech decking products be! To provide accurate estimates for your composite decking LLC and/or their respective owners boards are safe to install saltwater... And registered trademarks are the property of CPG International LLC and/or their respective owners through Trex vs TimberTech ’ Limited... In some markets, fire ratings may also need to refer to our installation help Guide success. Pavers should not be used without damaging the deck being up to 5 photos with the beam or. Edge full profile deck boards is 16″ on center it takes to install it yourself negative on.