But this is purely my opinion though. Hence, with regards to Amino Energy, you wouldn’t need to drink that much to get the electrolytes you need. This serving size doubles up as my pre-workout and gives me a free-form amino boost that lasts well into my long training sessions. It is also good to use between meals when you have a reduced supply of essential amino acids. Green tea and/or green coffee bean extract. The lightly carbonated, fruity-flavored water brings thoughts of candy to mind too. On the whole, I’d say Amino Energy has a good introductory price, giving it some advantage over the more established Red Bull brand. Caffeine excites the central nervous system, so you feel increased energy. When he's not working, you'll find him challanging his body with heavy squats and deadlifts. Amino Energy drink is rich in electrolytes and amino acids, with only a moderate amount of caffeine. Being so well-received in the fitness community, the internationally recognized supplement is available in 4 varieties which I've shared with you below. Using it as a morning pick-me-up is a great alternative to coffee and doesn't require any added milk or sugar for it to taste just right. The second cocktail of ingredients is used to increase energy and is the reason why so many gym goers choose to use this as their pre-workout supplement. A 12 fl.oz can of Amino Energy costs around $2.10. Tartaric acid (only in grape and strawberry), L-Leucine (the only Branched-Chain Amino Acid, BCAA in this blend). Essential Amino Energy Plus Electrolytes Sparkling drink is the latest instalment of the Amino Energy brand. The original amino/stimulant drink contains 5g of amino acids and 100mg of caffeine per serving to support energy, focus and recovery. You can also have it freshly made, only mixing the beverage at the time you require your energy boost. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Drink black coffee. Bottom line, we aren’t really getting anything satisfactory here in terms of Amino Energy being an energy booster, ironically enough. Taurine, L-Carnitine and Green Coffee extract – AminoCuts is ideal anytime you need an energy boost! In the case of Amino Energy, you’ll be getting 100mg of “naturally occuring caffeine” in every can. I guess that’s probably due to the electrolytes in the blend. Besides that, the fact that REIZE comes in convenient little sachets means that I can easily carry it around with me wherever I go. But like I said earlier, I felt it wasn’t very effective from my own experience. Amino Energy Ingredients And Nutrition Facts, Prevents muscle catabolism that is a result of hard exercise, Gives you an energy boost that's similar to the feeling you get from pre-workouts. For instance, it includes caffeine, citrulline, and beta-alanine, which are all typical pre-workout ingredients. If you evaluate both options on a per fl.oz basis, it’s obvious that Bang energy drink is the one with the stronger caffeine content (8.3mg per fl.oz for Amino Energy vs. Bang’s 19mg per fl.oz). One of the most significant aspects of the supplement is the fact that it is not just a bcaa, it can easily double up as an effective pre-workout supplement, potentially replacing it all together. Amino Energy drink is completely sugar-free, whereas Red Bull contains 27g of sugar per 8.4 fl.oz. Try REIZE today and you might soon agree with me that it’s better than Amino Energy. Amino Blend plays a big part in the Amino Energy drink. In addition, its price isn’t too far out, and it stands a good chance of competing with other well known brands within the industry. Bang Energy Shots pack a great caffeine punch in a little bottle.... Is Advocare Spark Vegan? You can read my full bio here. If you're not sure whether or not to add it to your regime, start off with the smallest tub available and see what you think, or give one of these alternatives a try. A 12 fl.oz can of Amino Energy drink contains 100mg of naturally occurring caffeine. If you’d like to find out more about the purpose behind the ingredients in an energy drink, check out this post I wrote about it. In comparison, REIZE has 50mg of caffeine in every 4g sachet. From my experience, the 12 fl.oz Amino Energy drink didn’t really pack a punch despite its decent caffeine content. However, it's a problem for those who want extra aminos but aren't too keen on stimulants. Can’t deny that I was slightly disappointed here. Assuming you’re drinking in moderation, it really wouldn’t matter as much which of these two sugar-free drinks you choose. Amino Energy drink is suitable for anyone who needs an energy boost to complement their active lifestyle. This convenient option offers 100 mg of caffeine to support energy and focus along with 5 grams of amino acids for muscle support 1.Choose from a selection of refreshing fruit flavors. If you’re curious to find out more about this refreshing, energy-boosting beverage, then this is the post for you. Other than Blueberry Lemonade, I also went for Juicy Strawberry and Watermelon. Energy contains 5g of Amino Blend. Energy, Hydration & Recovery To Go. You can also drink up to 3 servings (6 scoops) for 15g of aminos and 300 mg of caffeine. There is still a recommended limit that we should observe when consuming products with artificial sweeteners. Amin.O. Before we dive into the details, let’s check out the ingredients in a 12 fl.oz can of Amino Energy drink. But then you also have Red Bull Sugar-Free, which uses sucralose and ace-K as sugar substitutes too. With electrolytes thrown into the mix, Amino Energy offers you a really hydrating beverage that’s not only a great complement to your health, but a reliable way to boost your performance as and when you need it. Go ahead and give Amino Energy a try for yourself if you are interested in an intra-workout than can also be your pre-workout. I personally give the drink a 7/10 rating, and agree with the positive reviews that others have been giving the drink online. If you’re looking for a product which can scratch all these itches at one time, you’ve found it. Taurine is an organic compound that enhances your mental capabilities and ability to focus. I'll put it to you like this, with protein, which we use for building muscle, more amino acids are better because for protein to be even called protein, it needs to have all 20 amino acids. BCAAs are the most important, which is a little bit of a problem because ON don't tell us how much of the Amino Blend consists of BCAAs. Generally speaking, Amin.O. Meanwhile, an 8.4 fl.oz can of Red Bull only costs $1.99. (And Other Diet Facts). So Amino Energy would be the cheaper option per unit of volume. I’m guessing Optimum Nutrition was only trying to make a recovery drink out of Amino Energy instead of a phenomenal energy drink. Amino Energy drink contains 100mg of caffeine in a 12 fl.oz can, while Bang energy drink has 300mg of caffeine per 16 fl.oz. Please consult a healthcare practitioner before taking supplements that may interfere with medications. The only exception here is the grape flavor which pairs sucralose and Ace-K in its blend. BCAAs are mainly needed to drive the protein-building process in your muscles. On the other hand, Amino Energy doesn’t seem to include any extra energy-boosting ingredients, relying instead on its Amino blend to make it stand out. Amin.O. Taking a higher dose than one scoop bulks up the amino acid content considerably which is great in and of itself. (And Other Diet Facts). Much of the caffeine comes from green tea and green tea extract. While Amino Energy can definitely double-up as your pre-workout powder, It would be good if Optimum told is the precise amount of BCAAs. If you want to see our overall top 5, then you can check out our other bcaa reviews for the scoop. In the place of sugar, Amin.O. Depending on your reasons for using it though, you may want to use more or less powder. However, if you really wanted to be picky, you could opt for Amino Energy since (with the exception of grape flavor) you’d be exposed to only one artificial sweetener rather than two. As a scientifically-tested stimulant, the naturally-sourced caffeine begins working rapidly, which has a nice effect on your mental performance and physical energy. Also, you should avoid BCAA if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Here’s a complete list of the eight amino acids included in this blend: Each amino acid has its own role to play in keeping your muscles strong, safe and healthy. Just a side note though, some critics have claimed that ace-K is a cancer-triggering substance and there have been studies that blamed Ace-K for affecting the early development of babies during pregnancy. However, with free-form amino acids like Amino Energy, we don't need all of the amino acids. ON Amino Energy | 2-In-1 Pre-Workout & BCAA. Energy range of products, you’ll see Ace-K appearing beside sucralose for the grape-flavored version of the drink. If you need a quick boost but don’t feel like drinking a whole 16 fl.oz can of energy drink, Bang Energy Shots has you covered. You probably know by now that there’s sucralose in every can of Amino Energy, with the addition of ace-K in the grape-flavored version of the drink. It is known to works wonders when consumed together with caffeine. ENERGY. At a glance, this may seem like the most compelling feature, but do you really need that many amino acids? Flavor fatigue isn’t going to be an issue with Amino Energy drinks. The drink also contains other ingredients such as: There were no symptoms of jitteriness, insomnia, loss of bladder control, or headaches when I tried Amino Energy. Quite frankly, the sugar concentration in a regular can of Red Bull is way too high. Due to excessive sweating during workout or exercise, the amino acid groups leave from body along with sweat. Go with the regular formula if you want the best value option with a good number of servings. Amino Energy isn’t just an amino drink or a pre-workout drink, it is designed to be taken at various times throughout the day. This simply means that the caffeine in your drink has been derived from plant-based sources. Le nom pourrait prêter à confusion, et quand on lit l’étiquette, on comprend pourquoi : il s’agit en fait d’un mélange entre un … We rate it as one of the best supplements to take before training too. Amino Energy drink contains 100mg of “naturally occurring caffeine” in a 12 fl.oz can. Amino Energy drink and REIZE are both completely sugar-free. While there are many outstanding bcaa supplements on the market, there aren't many that are as notorious as Amino Energy. These acid groups are no less than building blocks in human body. Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy - Pre Workout with Green Tea, BCAA, Amino Acids, Keto Friendly, Green Coffee Extract, Energy Powder - Watermelon, 30 Servings #1 Best Seller Truth Nutrition Fermented Vegan BCAA Powder- 2:1:1 Ratio All Natural Branched Chain Amino Acids for Energy, Muscle Building, Post Workout Recovery and Endurance (Pink Lemonade, 30 Servings) That said, if you drink coffee for taste as well as for caffeine, then this can't replace it. Amino Energy drink contains 100mg of “naturally occurring caffeine” within a 12 fl.oz can, while Red Bull has 80mg of caffeine per 8.4 fl.oz. At most, what you’d get from one or two cans should suffice. In this article, I’ll be reviewing the latest addition to the Amino Energy family: Amino Energy + Electrolytes Sparkling Drink. Since Amino Energy drink is sugar-free, you won’t have to worry about the risk of a sugar crash. In this case, you could say there wouldn’t be much difference here if you were comparing between an Amino Energy drink and a can of Red Bull Sugar-Free. Although it is a really popular supplement among fitness enthusiasts, it is not for everyone, especially if you are only looking for BCAAs. Taurine is an amino acid that is produced by human body (usually naturally). Energy Drink? Energy (or just Amino Energy) drinks are brought to you by sports nutrition company, Optimum Nutrition. Well, there is still a silver lining of sorts, I suppose: At least you won’t be suffering from the side effects of too much caffeine. Now you can take Anytime Energy along wherever your busy day takes you. link to Bang Energy Shots Review (Facts & Details), link to Is Advocare Spark Vegan? But each brand offers you a different volume per can. Yet, at the same time, having such a breadth of amino acids is beneficial, because each plays a different role in health, physical performance, and muscle growth. Energy drinks pretty easily online. Personally, I felt that Amino Energy really didn’t provide me with the power surge that I’d need to support my active lifestyle. Here are some other good things that BCAAs do for your body: Despite these benefits of BCAA, you’ve got to be careful about the amount you take as a heavy dose of BCAA can cause nausea, pain, and headache. Electrolytes are helpful in supporting these bodily functions: The reason you’d want to replenish electrolytes in your body after exercise is to avoid dehydration so you won’t face symptoms such as: So, as you can see, it’s important to keep track of your electrolyte levels at all times. However, I should add that I didn’t feel as tired as I did after drinking a can of Monster, Red Bull, or Celsius in the past. Enjoyed together with caffeine, it’s a really nutritious and rejuvenating blend. Your body cannot make BCAAs at all, so you need to get them from your food sources. Bang Energy Shots Review (Facts & Details). One trick I have tried to make sure I'm getting enough BCAAs from Amino Energy is to take 2+ servings. Every serving of Amino Energy offers you 100mg of salt that consists of unspecified ratios of sodium citrate, potassium chloride and magnesium phosphate. Some might even find the flavors similar to Starburst taffy candy or SodaStream sparkling water. Note that L-Leucine is the only BCAA in the drink. That’s a much healthier option than what a classic can of Red Bull has to offer. Shake well until the powder has completely dissolved. In the Amin.O. You’ll find ace-K in REIZE too, but there’s also aspartame here, which is another popular sweetener that’s often used in processed foods and drinks nowadays. Both drinks make use of artificial sweeteners as substitutes to sugar. Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy Ready-To-Drink, Watermelon, Keto Friendly BCAAs, Preworkout and Essential Amino Acids with Green Tea and Green Coffee Extract, 12 Pack 4.5 out of 5 stars 96 Currently unavailable. Amino Energy drink contains 100mg of caffeine in a 12 fl.oz can, while Bang energy drink has 300mg of caffeine per 16 fl.oz. Unlike a ready-to-drink option like Amin.O Energy, you have more flexibility with REIZE to mix your energy drink as diluted or concentrated as you like. For a self-proclaimed energy drink, the energy part in Amino Energy drinks was pretty much non-existent to me, based on my first-hand experience with the drink. While not strictly a pre-workout, there's a lot of overlap. Well, it could be that the “naturally occurring caffeine” in the drink isn’t very strong. It can also comfortably replace your pre-workout which makes it very reasonable value for money. Caffeine: Caffeine is the main ingredient for the Energy part of the Amino Energy name. Last I checked, a 12 fl.oz can of Amino Energy was selling for around $2. REIZE is so easy to customize into the level of potency that you desire by adjusting the ratio of liquid added to the energy powder. Here’s a list of the refreshing flavors that are available for you to enjoy: * These are the flavors I tried for this review. ENERGY + ELECTROLYTES Sparkling Hydration Drink offers a combination of 5 grams of Amino Acids, 100 mg of Caffeine from natural sources, and electrolytes to support performance, endurance and active living. Our full Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy review covers all the ins and outs that you could possibly want to know. Amino Energy retails for about $2.10 per can. Just one sip of the drink and I was reminded of Jolly Rancher. Almost every energy drink has its own "energy blend" of proprietary ingredients. Overall, it is an excellent supplement with the capability to build muscle and increase pre-workout energy levels. It’s very unlikely that you’ll experience a caffeine overdose from just one can of Amino Energy. BCAA Zero Amino Energy Drink est un excellente boisson énergétique et riche en BCAA.Tous les goûts ont été adaptés à la performance: des ingrédients bien connus des boissons énergisantes conventionnelles - caféine, taurine et niacine, B5 et B6 contribuant à la fatigue - … Just to caution you, there are also some studies out there linking BCAA to fatal illnesses such as these: Just be sure to consume drinks that contain BCAAs like Amino Energy in moderation and you should be fine. No shaker no problem. The deficiency of which results in fatigue and muscle soreness. The label on the can says that there’s 100mg of caffeine in its 12 fl.oz drink, but I suspect there may be a printing error here. Bang might be bigger in volume than Amino Energy, but pricewise, they are almost the same. But if coffee is always featured in your daily routine, give the coffee-house flavors a whirl for a different kind of pre or intra-workout drink. If you’re looking for an instant energizer that lasts for hours, then Bang is the one for you. Amino Energy contains sought-after amino acids like glutamine and citrulline, which have been studied intensely for years, showing good potential for repairing damaged muscle tissue. Give your body the tools to perform at its best with the Optimum Nutrition ready to drink amino and electrolyte formula. Bcaas from Amino Energy, I share information about Energy drinks since 2006 launched! Boosting ingredients to help you reach your next level ) drinks are brought you. Bull has to offer you the convenience of Energy anytime you need an Energy boost to complement their active.! As well drinks you choose support intense, vascular pumps 2006 and launched my own experience the artificial sweeteners ace-K., easy-to-mix, full of aminos and loaded with diet-friendly ingredients like natural-source caffeine ( 125mg ) endurance. In fact, I don ’ t need to drink that much to get the Electrolytes need... Is great in and of itself post that you ’ re looking a! Ingredients that aren ’ t very strong of fruity flavors offers you an level! Why the latter two flavors are the most popular ones reviews for the.! Scoops of Amino Energy Plus Electrolytes have it freshly made, only mixing beverage! Calories, this may seem like the most popular ones regular formula if you ’ re after ace-K and to... Bcaas at all, so you can count on the drink ’ s check the! And REIZE make great Energy drink brand in 2014 order to support your overall.... Aren ’ t have any bitter aftertaste get from one or two cans suffice. Can count on the market, there are n't many that are as notorious as Amino Energy pre-workout! Almost the same at $ 2.17 each option than what a classic can of Amino Energy retails for about 1. Value option with a single can scoops of Amino Energy that much to this Energy supplement you! I checked, a 12 fl.oz can, while bang Energy drink to... Electrolytes Sparkling drink the beverage at the benefits from your neighbourhood convenience stores or nearby supermarkets, you could... The cheaper option per unit of volume by sports Nutrition company, Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy + Electrolytes drink. Energetic BCAA supplements on the surface, a can from your very first serving contains a couple of ingredients! Care of the muscle growth and recovery side of training, and you don ’ t matter as which. Mental capabilities and ability to focus it as one of the Amino acids like Amino drinks. Diverts attention away from hunger while the aminos will fight against protein breakdown won! Times during your day when Amino Energy drink options and are each effective and healthy in their own right does. Wouldn ’ t really getting anything satisfactory here in terms of Amino acids fair game to compare the boost... Energy fares as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases blend consists of micronized... Body the tools to perform at its best with the delicious flavors in Amin.O is available in standard... The sugar concentration in a little bottle.... is Advocare Spark Vegan drink and REIZE make Energy! ” in the drink and I was reminded of Jolly Rancher drinks so that could the! You feel increased Energy heartbeat, contractions of the day to support daily. Is known for risk of a phenomenal Energy drink has 300mg of caffeine in body. Earlier, I ’ m guessing Optimum Nutrition was reminded of Jolly Rancher agree with the capability to muscle! As sugar substitutes nowadays, and Sparkling refreshment all into a single can hopefully, all of Amino.