Lily and friends | Lily

Let Yourself Shine!

Lily loves bringing people together. She loves any excuse for a party, but mostly she loves spending time with her girlfriends. With "Girl Power" anything is possible.

Lily turns heads wherever she goes, a true fashionista, she takes playing dress up to a whole other level. She loves doing makeovers on her friends and designing her own dresses. she sees fashion as a way to express yourself and let your inner you shine.

As much as Lily loves fashion, she loves writing. She has her own super chic blog and is always on the lookout for something "Super! Splendid! Superlicious to write about. Lily's always exploring the world through around her through her writing. You need to be confident with who you are and "just let yourself shine!"

*Lily's message is INNER BEAUTY. The most important aspect of style and beauty is bringing out who you are.